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Monday, August 10, 2009

Things Heard in my house today......

Elly: "Sydney, can I play with your Sea World Barbie?"

Sydney: "Have you lost your mind?" NO!

Elly: "Fine, you can't ride in my limo when we grow up!"

Later in the day...................

Elly: (after rooting around in my jewelry box and finding a heart pendant) "Momma, I like this, can I wear it?"

Me: "Yes, but please be careful and don't break it"

Elly: "Okay, can I have it when you're dead?"

Me: "That depends, can I ride in the limo?"

Elly: "Okay, but make sure Sydney knows it's mine!!"

Me: "fine, but it's all you're getting..."

All this for a fourteen dollar necklace from Target.
If we were wealthy, I believe a reality show could be in the making!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

More of Elly's two cents....

Tonight during our family prayer this was Elly's two cents worth...."Lord, help Sydney get.over.it"....... not sure what "it" was exactly. I've learned not to ask.

Peeps I have not posted in over a week because I have been trying to stay focused on God's Word and in some have duty prayer. We have a tough decision to make tomorrow, I have not shared what that decision is with many people because I don't want anyone biased to influence it. I want this all to be from the LORD alone and for us to be in His perfect will. Once it is over and done with, I will let you know all about it, but for now, I'm asking all my internet peeps to pray for God's leading in our lives, and for our obedience to His direction. Thank you so much!!