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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free SoBe and cheap Dr. Pepper!

I love cheap dranks dontcha know!! FYI....starting Sunday at Walgreen's they will have have $5 rr when you buy 3 12 packs at 3 for $11. This means 3 for $6 when it's all said and done...that's $2 a 12 pack folks...and I love me some Dr. Pepper!!

Also, CVS will have SoBe Water B1G1, so go to SoBe Lifewater and play the game every day for a chance to win a B1G1 coupon. (print it twice), that way they will both be FREE. Last time they ran this sale a month or so ago and I got 8 free SoBe Waters!

Went to Kroger today. Saved $81.29 and spent $29.74...savings of 76%!!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

The years remaining coupon inserts....

This is a list of the years remaining coupon inserts. Remember that this is regional. Some areas don't get every insert. I don't get Red Plum. So if any of you want to share with me....LOL...Also, If you don't get one of these inserts in your local paper, they can always be purchased from a clipping service.


5 -- NO INSERTS (Labor Day)

12 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

19 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

26 -- Smartsource, Red Plum


3 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

10 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

17 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

24 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

31 -- Smartsource, Red Plum


7 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

14 -- Smartsource , 2 Red Plum

21 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

28 -- NO INSERTS (Thanksgiving)


5 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

12 -- Smartsource, Red Plum

19 -- NO INSERTS (Christmas)

26 -- NO INSERTS (New Year's)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stocking up, and naming your price!

Who among us has not read the posts by people claiming to be able to feed their family of four and a stray cat on twelve cents a week? I know, I know, I exaggerate, but really. We've all read the ones who claim to only spend about $30 a week to feed their fam. I thought it was a pack of lies. But, friends, it can be done. And done well. The secret behind this ability is to STOCK PILE. I am going to post some pics here of some of my stashes...

The Capri Suns are something we consider a staple at the Witness household, so at $1 per box, I stocked up. They won't last long...we'd already gone through two boxes when I snapped this pic.

We LOVE Smores Goldfish, and most any other type of Goldfish for that matter as long as I don't have to change it's bowl......Kroger had these 10 for $10 and I had .75 off each one in paper coupons,,I also had ecoupons for .50 off of two. I got FREE Goldfish. The Flatbreads are another of my addictions, they are normally around $3 so when I scored these for $1, I stocked up.

I don't pay for toothbrushes. Kroger also had OralB 10 for $10 and I had .50 q's which they doubled. Wag's (Walgreen's) had Reach for .99 each and I had $1 q's....so those were free. I'm waiting for them to do that one again!

Again, Kroger had the Crest 10 for $10 and I had .50 q's which they doubled. I had a couple of .75 cent ones so I had to pay a quarter for those since they only double to .60.....I paid $1.25 for 14 of them...plus tax

All of the men's razors where either FREE or FREE plus money back. Don't get confused, they will not REFUND money to you. The way this works is that the money is applied to the rest of your bill. So don't go in and buy ONE item and have a coupon worth more than the value and think they will give you money for it....if you find a store than does, call me, I'm goin' shopping there. Most all of the women's razors were free at Target. I had to pay .50 each for two packs, but the rest were freebies.

The shaving cream was .50 per can after a Wag's coupon matched up with a manufacturer coupon. The 3 Nivea Body washes were .99 each and the other body washes behind it were free, all at Wag's.

The pepsi products I got at Wag's yesterday. GREAT SALE. they were 4 12 packs for $8 after a $5 rr. My sister mailed me two q's from her paper that were for $2 off 4 so I got them for $1.50 a 12 pack. Thanks Sis!!She's my partner in this thing.

The pantry is a crazy mess, please excuse it. I plan to organize it this week....bwahahahah. Yeah right. The puddings were almost free at Target when I matched their q's, the fruit cup packs were .94 for each container of 4. Lots of free soup in the background.

That is just what I have handy. I also have a stash of Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener that I've been living off of for almost a year. I have over 15 Toaster Strudel pkgs in the deep freeze, ditto for Lean Cuisines, and so forth. I got most of these for nearly free if not totally free. When I can get items for almost nothing I will get as many as I can, so that I will not be at their mercy when I need something. If you have a stockpile then you can name the price you are willing to pay for an item instead of having to pay what they are asking. For example....I'm not willing to pay for than .25 for toothpaste. I'm not willing to pay for toothbrushes at all, the same goes for deodorant, which I didn't take a picture of, but I have about 15 sticks. If you don't have any and you need it, then they have the upper hand. So you get the idea. Stock pile your regulars and then you don't have to buy them later. You'd be surprised how low your grocery bill is if you don't have to buy washing products or toiletries. If you're stocked on cereal and soup and such that's even less. I'm to the point that I really only need to buy meat, milk, and bread for a while. But if I do that I'll lose my stock pile. So I just stay on top of what I can get for free or close to it.

Another thing about coupons is that you can't be brand loyal if you want to maximize your savings. If Sure is on sale for .99 and you have a $1 coupon, then that's the kind you might want to use instead of Secret this month. There are some things you just can't change though and for those go ahead and get the free item and donate it to a needy cause. I can't tell you how many bags of things I've given away 6 bags of things in just the last 6 weeks. If there is a favorite, like Crest at my house, then consider going to a clipping service like Kuntry Klippers and purchasing a bundle of coupons for your favorite item. That way when it goes on sale you can buy bulk.

Now go...clean off a shelf and get ready!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday 8/29

Don't forget to buy multiple papers on Sunday 8/29. These will have an extra coupon insert from Proctor and Gamble. It usually has some great high value coupons!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coupon Organization

Organization is key in successful couponing. I've tried numerous methods for organizing my coupons. Everything from the box method, to having them in envelopes by store, or carrying them around in little accordion coupon holders in my purse. These methods may work great for you, but the binder method works best for me. With the binder method, I have all of my coupons with me ALL the time. I can see them, I don't have to DIG through to find them. It makes it MUCH better. Here are some pictures of my binder.

I bought this binder in the fall last year marked down to $3.

I keep a pen and a little pair of fold out scissors to clip any coupons that I may come across at the last minute.

I have a clear view zipper pouch up front that I keep rainchecks and store coupons(rr rewards/catalinas/ECBs)in. This way I don't forget about them since most of these expire rather quickly. On the left there is a three section accordion that is sized perfectly for shopping ads, and grocery lists, etc.

I downloaded my dividers from Krazy Coupon Lady.

My coupons are in baseball card holders that I bought for $5.77 a pack.
Lastly, I used "Post It" stick on tabs for labels to keep them in order according to the table of contents. I adjusted the contents to fit my needs. For example, I didn't need a baby section.....Thank you, Krazy Coupon Lady for making this available.

This is the only method I found that didn't leave me completely frustrated, standing in the isle with a stack of coupons going through them over and over trying to find a particular one.
I know it may look cumbersome, but it's so worth it.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Go Krogering....

Today, I went to Kroger. My bill was $116.45, but I paid $46.05, and the manufacturer's paid for the rest.

Okay...Time for true confessions! I was a shopper who made a list of needs for the week, thumbed through the Sunday paper and clipped what coupons I thought would go with it and then headed to the store only to find that once my coupon was redeemed I would still be better off to just buy the store brand. Those were sad times people.
I didn't have a CLUE what I was doing.

Who doesn't have a Kroger card? I think everyone in the central part of the United States has one. They are HANDY. You can load couopons DIRECTLY onto your Kroger card and never cut one out again...but you'll want to before I'm done. First, here is a list and link to the places from which you can load coupons directly to your Kroger card:
Kroger.com That's right. You can go to their own website and choose coupons to load directly to your card.

At each of these sites you will need to register your Kroger card number, found on the back of your card. I have never received junk mail, or a phone call or text from any of these sites. I have, however, saved a ton of money using their coupons.
Once you have loaded the coupons on your card they will automatically come off when the cashier scans your Kroger card. There is no need to even mention it to the cashier, because they don't have to do anything. The fun part is that you can ALSO use a paper coupon for the same product. AND MY KROGER DOUBLES up to .60. So you can very likely get some FREE or really cheap items. Here is an example:
Kroger had these on sale in their buy 8 get $4 off promotion this week...That would make them .69 each. $2.76 for all four....

I had 3 coupons loaded on my Kroger card from varios e-coupon sites listed above. I had two q's loaded for .50 off, and another loaded for .75 off this took $1.75 off immediatly. Then I had 2 paper coupons for .50 off one. They doubled both of these, and then I had a coupon for .75 off of two, so I saved $2.75 in paper coupons. So the total I owed for these before coupons was 2.76, when I was done, they owed me $1.74....which was just applied to the rest of my grocery bill. Not only were they FREE, they were a money maker.
Now get off of here and go register your Kroger card!!

The Wal-Mart Deception

Back in the day did you ever know one of those kids who talked tough? I mean the kid that everyone was intimidated by and NO ONE wanted to cross. Then one day somebody got sick of it and stood up to the bully and found out he wasn't so tough after all. Well, that is the deception of Wal-Mart. They have this reputation, which they've spent millions to build, of having the lowest price any where in the land. But, like the bully, they are all talk. When faced with a public armed with "shopping savvy" they roll over, or "ROLL BACK" as the case may be, and play dead. I grew up in Wal-Mart country. I remember the FIRST super-centers. Every time the would open a new one, they would start HUGE price wars with the local grocery chains. Milk for $1 a gallon, Bread for $.25, and so forth. This is one of the ways they got the reputation for having the lowest price. But man can not live by bread and milk alone,,,and Wal-Mart knows this well. Wal-Mart will price comp your ads.....this is a fairy tail most of the time. They will price comp, if: you have your ad present, the advertising store is local, you are wearing a striped shirt at the time you are making your purchase, AND if the cashier is in a good mood. LOL but really THIS is where I was deceived. I was a shopper who would look at the ad for other stores, and see that most of what they had on sale in their ad was not what I was buying, and just assume that everything else they had was more expensive than Wal-Mart. So I didn't even bother going to them. The truth is, that other stores are on to this price matching game and have more UNADVERTISED sales than they have in their sale ad. Quite often over HALF of the good deals I find while shopping are unadvertised. AND..even if they were, and I had Wal-Mart to comp them, they won't double my coupons like Kroger will. They don't have Wal-Mart coupons online that you can match with manufacturer coupons like Target does. I think if more Target Super Centers would go in, Wal-Mart would have to change the way they do business.

I was among the imtimidated, and shall I say it, uneducated shoppers who threw money at Wal-Mart in obscene amounts. I thought at one point we'd be better off to have our paychecks directly deposited to Wal-Mart and they could just pay us what was left. In loose change. I have gone from spending well over $600 a month at Wal-Mart, to around $150 or so per month.

Once I began to coupon, and started shopping at stores other than Wal-Mart, mostly because they are not overly coupon friendly, I began to see how I'd been deceived. Wal-Mart does still have their good deals. But all in all, NOT the best bang for the buck, FO SHO!! Our local Wal-Mart is pretty easy going about couponing. But I've been to a couple that are insane about it. They'll take your coupon if both YOU AND the CASHIER are wearing striped shirts, and she/He is in a good mood.

I say all of this to encourage you to get out and look around. It may take a little time at first to familiarize yourself with other stores prices, but it's worth it. If you are shopping at Wal-Mart for convenience, then they can't be beat. Otherwise....it's time to see other people...umm, err, stores.


Registering for Coupons....

Have you ever been out with your friends and some loser won't leave you alone? Finally you give him your friend's number a fake number so he'll buzz off.....Well, you might want to do a version of that with all of the companies you are going to sign up to receive coupons from. Not really your phone number, but with your email address. It's easy to make a new email address, you can do it through Yahoo, Gmail, or many others. Make it something impersonal and don't give it to anyone except the companies you are registering with. That way your personal mail box does not get bombarded, and you can log on to your "fake" address only when you want to check for coupons and special offers. In the posts to follow, I'll be naming companies, and giving links where you can sign up for Q's.
Happy Couponing!


Target Freebies today!

Today I made a run to Target in Olive Branch. I usually go there because they have a grocery section. The fact that they have a Starbucks has NOTHING to do with it.....Anyway today was a good Target day.

They had the 16 oz Wishbone Italian on sale (unadvertised) for $1.50. I had the Target Q for .75 and a manufacturer Q for .75 so it was free. The ChefBoyRDee was on sale, also unadvertised for .82 and they have a printable on their site for $1 off 1 can, so it was free as well. You can get two prints for most of their coupons, then you have reached your limit and they remove it from your menu of Q's...I had a coupon from Kraft for the Free Mac and Cheese, sign up at Kraft First Taste, it takes a little time in the beginning, but SOOO worth it. They have sent me FREE Q's for many items.
I was also able to score Bagel Bites for .24 per box. They are on sale for $2.24 and there was a printable at Target for $1, I also had a manufacturer Q for $1, so that makes it .24. I was surprised that the Campbell's Select Harvest Soup Bowls were also on sale for $1.50 and there was a Target Q for .50 I added to the $1 Q I got from Campbell's Kitchen, for which you may sign up HERE! They usually have a variety of Q's that changes regularly. Just sign up and log in, click the savings tab.
I had Free coupons for the SoBe water from the game on their website. You can still play HERE! Elly loves this stuff and it has less sugar than Kool-Aid or soda and it's free,,,so sounds like a win/win to me. All of the items I purchased are not pictured. I only photograph FREE items. My total savings on my bill was 71%. I shoot for anything over 50%, so I was pleased.

When you're at Target, always browse the back isle end caps. They have tons of unadvertised mark downs. Today I found Biore' facial cleanser and Clean and Clear Morning Burst, both marked down to $2.48. With coupons, it was nearly free. Always keep your coupons with you at all times so that when you come across a clearance item you don't have to pout all the way home about how you could've gotten it for free if only you'd had your coupons.....not that I would do that or anything.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New links and new Target printables

I've added several coupon sites to the "I heart these blogs" section in the sidebar. There are a lot of new Target printables on their website, which you can also access from the sidebar. Target will take one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. This is how I got free razors last week.
I just got through printing my Target q's (coupons) and I was thrilled to see they have reloaded the one for $1/1 Bagel Bites. The also have one for $1/1 Chef BoyRDee that makes it FREE. They have $1/1 DelMonte fruit cups, that makes it .97... There is also a $1/1 for Kid's Cuisine and they are on sale for $1.75, so it will be .75...there are some hot ones that can be doubled with a manufacturer Q for free salad dressing and cheap detergent as well. Just go look and then check your coupon stash. I bet you can match a lot of these up.
(a side note...on the Target coupons it states that they will only do ONE identical offer per transaction, you can do separate transactions, or whatevah...you figure it out. BUT, I will say that I have never had them tell me that I couldn't use two of their identical coupons to buy two identical items. I think the wording may just be a bit confusing on this. You can try it and if they say no, smile and be polite, and get it next time...)
For more deals click on over to Totally Target!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wag's tomorrow, Free Listerine and cheap body wash!

Starting tomorrow Walgreen's has Nivea Body Wash B1G1 for $5.99. You can get a coupon for $4 off of 2Here! That makes them .99 cents each. I love Nivea so that's a good deal for me.
They also have Listerine Zero on sale for $2.99. There is a $1 off in ad coupon that makes it $1.99. You can get a $2 off coupon HERE! That makes it FREE!

Recent Freebies!

I reecently picked up all of this PLUS three more Secret deoderants and 4 pkgs of Sweet Tarts that didn't make it until picture time, from Walgreen's for FREE!! I had to pay tax of course. When I was through I still had $9 in RR left over from the purchase.

Also Free THIS WEEK at Walgreen's...

Yesterday I got these items for FREE at CVS and Target!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Walgreen's is givin' away the store!

Remeber the commercials for Fred's Dollar Store back in the 90's where the old woman's voice would yell "Fred's giving away the store"? Yeah, well, I never got anything for free at Fred's, but I do at Walgreen's. In fact, they pay ME sometimes.
I promised a post about Walgreen's shopping today and here it is. I will dedicate this post to one of my FAVE cashiers who always knew just how to "make it work"....today is her last day at Walgreen's...I'll miss you E!!

The beginning of Walgreen's savings starts with their monthly savings book they they kindly place in the front of most stores with thier sales ads. This can sometimes go quickly, but our Walgreen's keeps a good supply. In these booklets, they offer a variety of coupons that can only be used in Walgreen's for items ranging from toilet paper to cookies.....maybe I should have picked better examples...You can also find coupons in a small booklet that can be purchased at the pharmacy, it's a kid's coloring book and is usually .99 or so. I believe you could look through it before you buy it. Walgreen's also has coupons in their ad each week and it can usually be found your local Sunday paper.
The great news is that Walgreen's will take a Walgreen's coupon AND a manufacture coupon for each item. You can get your manufacture coupons in your Sunday paper inserts, from magazines, or printed straight from your computer. Unfortunately Walgreen's corporation does not have a standarized coupon policy, so it can vary by store. One thing that is the same everywhere is that even though you may have multiple coupons per item, your total of items purchased can NOT out number your number of coupons. For ex: Walgreen's had Benadryl on sale for $7.99. They had a $3.00 off coupon in their booklet, and a $3.00 coupon in their ad. I also had a $2.00 off coupon from the paper. This made the Benadryl free because the total of my coupons was $8.00, but I had to purchase two more items of some sort in order to use three coupons. I bought to highlighters that were on sale for .09 each. So I paid .17 total.
Register Rewards(rr)
Register Rewards are rewards the store offers you for purchasing certain products. These print at the checkout after you pay for your transaction. If they are offering a $5 rr for a $10 product, then you will pay the $10 and then they will give you a $5 rr (which looks like a reciept) for your next purchase. The way to maximize your savings is to find a large item that has a high rr being offered. Use a high value coupon for that item, and then use the rr to make your next purchase. You will often have many transactions. That is okay, they are used to it, and you will get used to it too. Here is an example. Sometime ago they had eye drops on sale for $8.00 with a rr for $8. I had a coupon for $4 off of the item. I paid $4 our of pocket(oop) and they gave me a register reward for $8. Then you can use that register reward to pay for the toilet paper and milk in your cart that are also on sale, and you hopefully have a coupon for at least the toilet paper. This is the way you can get your milk for FREE. You use the extra $4 you just got to pay for it.
Often the things they have rr for are not things you would normally use, just get it anyway. If it's free why not get it and donate it to a charity?

When using manufacture coupons and Walgreens coupons along with register rewards, you want to give them your coupons in this orde:
1) Manufacture coupons
2) Walgreen's Coupons
3) Register Rewards
There is a method to this madness....if the coupon total is more than the price of the item, then the manufacture coupon will "Beep" and the cashier will give you your coupon back with a blank stare.....If you give them the manufacture coupon FIRST then it will come right off and the system rarely ever turns down it's own coupon. If it does, they type it right in.....

I hope this helps when shopping Walgreen's.....
I'll post some of my finds later!


Back By Popular Demand!

Well, peeps, I'd like to say I'm back by popular demand because people just couldn't live without my charming witt and endearing ways,,,,but that would just be hogwash. I'm back because I have many cheap sweet friends who have started couponing and since I myself am cheap thrifty in every way I thought I could be of better assistance to them here on the blog than in quick snippets on facebook.... I plan on sharing info and tips tomorrow. If anyone has questions, just leave a comment, or a note in the sidebar and I'll do my best to help.
I've added some of the blogs that I follow in the sidebar. Many of these help me to stay organized.
I'm going to post about shopping at Walgreen's tomorrow. For tonight, since it's almost 1:30 and I should really go lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling, I'm just gonna leave you with a few locations to get coupons.

Internet coupons

On Snackpicks and Campbell's Kitchen you have to click the tab for coupons/saving's center.

catch ya on the flip side...and if you're too young to understand that, we'll talk about taht later too!