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Friday, February 27, 2009

A small sacrifice.........

We've been discussing cutting back on spending with the financial crisis hanging over all our heads.That aside, I accidentally bought crunchy peanut butter instead of creamy. My bad. A simple mistake on my part. A cardinal sin to a 4 almost 5 year old. After one bite of her PB and J sandwich Elly looked at me and said, "I know we gotta save monies, but can we still buy the peanut butter without the shells?" obviously the child thinks I'm feeding her peanut butter made from unshelled peanuts,,,,M'kay, sorry.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Norm didn't make it through, not that he could have done anything, but he was entertaining anyway. I am sooo tired of whiney Ryan Seacrest. They need to give Norm his job. Sheeesh. Have you ever seen someone who could dish it out but not take any worse than Seaweed? He jusgitsonmynerves! I was so glad Kris Allen made it!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Just when I think I've got it all under control....

...The LORD shows me otherwise. Okay, this is long, but I'm pouring out my heart here, so humor me. Did y'all notice I was gone? I've been on a field trip for the last couple of days. Not one where you get on a bus awaiting adventures untold. But rather one that involves my own pride, and self sufficiency, or insufficiency I've learned...the hard way. As an adult I have had a pretty high tolerance for pain and I have a wonderful husband who makes an excellent nurse. In the past, I have even been known to brag about making it through two C-section recoveries without opening the pain pills, and a hysterectomy recovery with only taking two, and yada, yada, yada.... I had a minor knee scope 9 years ago that I made it through with flying colors. Soooo,,,when I found out I was having knee surgery last week, it was NO BIG DEAL to me. I didn't call my family, the only friends that knew were ones that happened to call anyway, and the few of you that read here on a regular basis. I didn't put myself on the prayer list, or request prayer from anyone for that matter. I am ashamed to admit this, the only prayer I sent up myself was the night before the surgery, for the doctor. I guess I thought I "had this one".....ever been there? I would be fine. I would up and at 'em twice as fast as anyone I knew, I even told the doctor not to bother writing a pain prescription, I had a cabinet full of that stuff rotting at home. Notice that ugly one letter word up there that is repeated over and over?

Well let me tell you, I didn't have anything. When I woke up my husband told me that it was a lot worse than the doctor had thought. He wasn't able to help me much because my knee had the absence of any cartilage or fluid around the knee at all. They drilled some holes in the bones around the knee joint to try to produce bleeding to make a pocket of fluid around the knee joint. The doctor told Tracy this would be a temporary fix until I got a knee replacement. I was BUMMED out. I thought I was going to have the knee of a 25 year old when I came out of there. I'd be fine in two or three days. Did I ever pray and ask for that? Quick healing? Leg like new? Not once. Instead I was laying on the couch two, then three, then four days later, whining. Wondering what was wrong with me. I had been through at least half a dozen pain pills, Tylenol, nothing was helping for long. I couldn't get around well on my own, I was sore all over from laying down, as my OCD, ADHD self I'm not too used to that, so I was miserable.

Since I was laid up, I decided I would read. I'm at the end of a Beth Moore Bible Study on the Psalms of ascent. I've been doing and I have so loved it. I look forward to the homework and sometimes I even put it off as a treat for later. I picked it up and read, and re-read, it wasn't going passed my eyes. I tried reading just scriptures, same thing. It was like I was reading the words but they weren't going any where. Between the print and my brain, the words were floating away. Now I was confused and in pain. Finally I decided I would read something that didn't "require any thought" so I picked up a Christian novel. The entire story was based on a bad decision, and plan that was unfolding all because someone thought "they had it" instead of trusting God with it. On virtually every page, I said to myself, "when is this moron gonna get it?" As I got to the last chapter, THIS moron finally got it. I confessed my own pride, and false thoughts of self sufficiency in this whole ordeal. I called out to God for His healing, and peace that only He can give and He heard. Yes He did. Just like He heard the Psalmist in Psalm 132, which I finally was able to read. Thank you LORD, for taking care of me, and for forgiving my pride and hard headedness!!
Is there any area of pride or false thoughts of self-sufficiency going on in your life that you may not have recognized? If there is, turn it over to Him who is able to do ALL things.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just cheking in....

I thought I would drop a few lines for those who don't stalk browse Facebook. I am still alive. Sore yes, but here. I've had knee surgery before, so this isn't my first rodeo, but this time it hurts. They went in to do a clean up of torn cartalege and debris(?is someone littering in my knee) but when the doctor came out he told Tracy is was worse than he had anticipated. I had no cartalege left to repair and no fluid around my knee at all. He drilled some holes to cause bleeding and fill the area with a cushion of blood... sounds fun, no? Anyway, he told Tracy he didn't think it would last long and I would need a complete knee replacement....

I wanted to cry when Tracy told me this. I thought I was going to go in, and come out with the knee of a 25 year old like my friend did last month. I went in thinking I would be exercising and losing some of the 5 year post baby and two year post hysterectomy fat. Now I get to have rehab and then another surgery. I know I'm whining. I'll stop now. Thank you LORD, for the insurance that helped pay for it, Tracy's job that paid for the rest. The knee that CAN be fixed, and for a home to recover in. It could be SOOOO much worse.

Y'all take care. Remember to send up a prayer today for those who are in a tight situation. Stand in the gap for somebody. Someone whose in fear of job loss, or already has lost a job. Pray for someone whose home is being foreclosed on, for someone who just doesn't know what's gonna happen next. Pray over their situation and for their heart to be guarded for the one who preys on the weak. Clear that spiritual air around them with a covering of prayer so that God's miracles can take place in their lives. I read today to think of your prayers as the smart bombs that go before the warriors. The prayer clears the way so they can go in and do their job. Crude analogy? Maybe, but think about it a while......
Thank you to all of you who have been checking on me!!
I love ya to stinkin' pieces!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Follow up!

I went to the doctor for the follow up on my MRI today. I thought I would NEVUH get in. I have never been in a doctor's office that was SRO, really, it was at capacity. I was about to give an elderly woman my seat the average age of the patients in waiting was about 72!,when they called my name. As she lead me down the hall to the examining room I saw the big banner that said "Welcome to Memphis Orthopedics Sports Medicine" I laughed at this. When the doctor finally came in, I told him I hated to keep from his legion of athletes out in the waiting room and I hoped my visit wouldn't take long. He laughed at me, though I don't know if he was entertained or insulted. I would not have mentioned it except for the fact he told me that most of my problems came from my age....Hello? 39! Then he said it's only gonna get worse at 40! The reality of getting old, it stinks people.

Anyway, I'm having knee surgery on Wednesday. Yes, the day after tomorrow. I may be of the blog for a day or two after that. I'm sure I'll make up for it later!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Colonoscopy, MRI, what's next?

Happy late Valentine's Day. Here are some valentine cookies I thought about making for you!

It's the thought that counts right? I hope y'all had a nice Valentine's Day, with your sweeties. We watched Fireproof and had Take out while the kids played and ate dinner with friends. It was really nice. If you haven't seen Fireproof yet, I can't recommend it highly enough. I've seen all three of their movies, and Fly Wheel is still my fave, but Fireproof is awesome. The out takes and extras on the DVD alone were enough to make be glad I bought it.

Friday Tracy watched the kids while I went shopping after my MRI. I don't know if I told you or not, but I've had knee pain for the last few years, and in the last year or so it's gotten worse. One of our friends at church just had knee surgery and he recommended his doctor so I finally bit the bullet and went in last Tuesday. Friday I went in for an MRI, and that was an experience. I've had an MRI before, but not like this one. I pulled up to the address where the MRI was scheduled and it was a warehouse type building, in what looked like nothing short of a ravine. Down in a little valley on a dead end side road. Looked NUTHIN' like a medical facility. After filling out my entire life's history and providing photocopies of all my school records for K-12, I took a seat. Someone came to the door and called for someone in the waiting room. I thought it was a family member because she was just wearing jeans and a shirt, but then I noticed the file in her hands. A moment later another employee came to the door and called out for a second patient. She too had on street clothes, ones that caused me to recall tacky day during homecoming week in high school. How many pieces of Premiere Jewelery are really appropriate with a pair of stone washed black jeans and a stained Ole Miss T-shirt anyway, is there anything in Vogue about this? Now I hate to sound like a snob, 'cause I am totally not one. I'm nothing if I'm not plain. But I like my medical professionals in scrubs. There's a wide variety out there, many colors, some with animals, some with cartoon characters, you name it. Just something that announces that you possess some type of license or certificate, and a name tag is nice. Yes, yes, I like a name tag too. These people had none of this. I realize it was Friday. Maybe casual Friday. But really folks, how uncomfortable is a pair of scrubs?

Anyway, after about 15 minutes a man beckons me at the door. He looks as though he is picking me up for a date. Flashback 1987. He is wearing a brown leather bomber jacket, blue jeans, and brown hiking boots. At this point it is only myself and an 82year old man in the waiting room. He opens the door and says "you must be Calista, right this way"....I can hear 38 Special music in my head. I catch a faint whiff of Halston Z-14, or maybe Polo cologne. I follow him down the corridor and begin to wonder just how long this building could possibly be when he opens a door for me that leads outside. I said "we're going outside?" "Yes" he said, "it's right over there." Over where? I don't see anything but a bunch of vehicles, and oddly enough, a patio with some nice lawn furniture and a grill? At this point I'm looking around for a camera, I know I've been punked. "It's in that truck over there by my Mustang." I look up and there is a semi-truck in the parking lot. He had me to walk up on a lift and he hoisted me up to the truck entrance. There was a small little area the size of a bath room with two chairs and a laptop, and then a slightly larger area with the MRI tube. He told me to leave my purse in one of the chairs and he proceeded to strap me into the tube. Literally. He told me it would take 20 minutes and not to move. I couldn't move, I was strapped down. He left the room. All I could think of was the fact that I was tied to a board in a 32 degree room with half my body in this tube while he was out there with my purse. It turned into a Seinfeld moment. 20 minutes is enough to order yourself a new updated wardrobe by phone with my credit card, and I'd be none the wiser. It wouldn't be hard, they know everything about me including the name of my third grade teacher. I mean really, your info is compromised and you think "Wal-Mart, the bank, the waiter," but you don't think about your MRI technician.......I'm watching my accounts, if I see where I've been charged for a new leather jacket, or 80's Power Ballads, I now where I'm going!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Chair Episode

Okay who wants to watch two hours of people sitting in chairs waiting to hear yes or no. Apparently ME!

Of course this took place in the reality TV mansion. How MANY reality TV shows are we gonna see this mansion in? Is this the only mansion they have access to? Anyway, there they sat perched on their thrones, waiting to decree yes or no to all the hopefuls. The top 36 that were predicted on yesterday's post was absolutely correct.
I think it was pretty ratty the way they pitted the buddies against each other. Only fitting though since they seemed to have the enemies against each other earlier on. I will say that this year the judges seem to be just as happy to have a personality as to have a talented singer. And by personality I don't mean congenial, I mean weirdo.

I know Tatiana has a good voice, that can't be denied. But I CAN NOT STAND THIS CHICK! The chick acts like she's making a Grammy acceptance speech after every performance. That loud obnoxious nervous laugh just causes my spine to jerk. Do they not staff a pharmacist? She needs some serious medication, if not her, then everyone else around her.

I was glad to see Nick/Norm make it through 'cause he is sooo stinkin' hilarious. I think I could watch him all day. When he said he would wash Simon's 20 cars or wear a bikini like bikini girl to get through, I snorted Dr. Pepper through my nose. He does make me laugh.

It was all pretty predictable. I was glad they let both the guys through at the end.
Now they will be performing in groups of 12. Let the fun begin!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Idol Hollywood week part 3

Dad Adam Flamebert really sing a Cher song? I do not dispute he has a good voice, control even, but puh-leeze! Dude likes to accessorize. One too many rings for my taste, at least they weren't through his nose.

Tatiana just makes me queasy. I can't imagine five minutes with that chick. I know I would hurt her. The mumu she was wearing looked exactly like the curtains in my Grandma's guest bedroom. Her over confidence leaves me bewildered.

I really like the Danny Gokey, not that I really think he is marketable as and AI winner, but talented none the less. Anoop is still high on my list as well, but with the same feelings I have about Danny Gokey. I liked Kai Kalama, but his voice was not up to par, I hate that for him.

I'm gonna skip over some of the obvious drama from last night. It speaks for itself. If I was there, I'd slap a lot of people. Just sayin'

Tonight it returns. Two hours long! No performances, just footage of one or two contestants at at time, finding out if they made it. From what I understand there will times when the judges aren't sure and they will have two contestants compete against each other for the spot....

Anyway, here is an unofficial list of the top 36 I got from AI Blogs Insiders:

Adam Lambert
Alexander Wagner-Trugman
Alexis Grace
Allison Iraheta
Ann Marie Boskovich
Anoop Desai
Arianna Ayesha Afsar
Brent Keith
Casey Carlson
Danny Gokey
Jackie Tohn
Jasmine Murray
Jeanine Vailes
Jessica Langseth
Joanna Pacitti
Jorge Nunez
Junot Joyner
Kai Kalama
Kendall Beard
Kristen McNamara
Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Matt Breitzke
Matt Giraud
Megan Corkrey
Michael Sarver
Mishavonna Henson
Nathaniel Marshall
Nick Mitchell
Ricky Braddy
Scott MacIntyre
Stephen Fowler
Stevie Wright
Taylor Vaifanua
Tatiana Del Toro
Von Smith
Thanks Joesplace


Monday, February 9, 2009

I really missed you blog!

Hey web peeps. I'm back!! It was a wonderful week. Thanks to those of you who sent me notes of encouragement for the fast and actually NOTICED I was gone. Thanks for that!! Our family did a lot of praying together, reading together, and a whole lot of playing games together. My four year old can beat my socks off at Uno. And instead of just giving you the Uno warning when she has one card left, she also yells "TUNO" when she has two. Original, no?

It's amazing how much you can get done in a week with no TV, no blog, and no facebook! I cleaned out the kids closets, and even my cook books and recipe collection. Was I ever really considering making a Standing Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding? I battled for a whole day and night trying to arrange stuffed animals. Webkinz, Build-A-Bears, etc. Some day one of my children will ask me why they can't go to a "good college" and I will hold out a tub of Build-A-Bear animals with full attire. Seriously, I will.

I redecorated Elly's room so that it is more big girl. Yes, you hear me sniffling. I'm lost somewhere on that street in Motherhood where you wish so badly for them to be able to bathe themselves and poor their own Kool-Aid, and at the same time wanting them to still be in a bouncy seat. I cry over this often. Angst, ugh!
Anyway, it had to be done. But Elly HATES change. Just like a cat. She wanted to have a big girl bed in her room. You know, a place to lay her dolls and spread out her books and so forth, 'cause she surenuff ain't plannin' on sleeping in it as long as I've got a King size pillow top in the next room over. The new bed called for a new bedspread of course, so off we went to hunt one down. After MUCH, MUCH, searching we ended up at Target of course. They had two really cute sets that I had a hard time choosing between. One of them was so cute and it had a rug and lamp to match. Obviously that was the one I wanted, 'cause why spend $60 and get what you came for when you could spend $125 and have a whole room full of stuff? Suddenly, Miss I hate change,(Maybe her next bedtime story should be Who Moved My Cheese?) got all worked up because she did not want to get a new lamp. She likes the one that went with her crib set. Now, she doesn't even remember the crib set, but she can't part with the lamp. She's crying and taking on, then she sees this stuffed fluffy pink pig wearing a tu-tu and says, "can I have that?" NO! It's as big as my bed pillow and besides, remember the problem I was having in paragraph two? No more animal room! Not to mention this thing is $18, do you want to go to a community college? Hubs looked at her and said, "if you had the piggy do you think you could let the old lamp go?" No he di-unt? "Yes" she said gleefully. "Since when do we negotiate with terrorists?" I asked. Since he's tired of standing in Target for two hours, he doesn't even have to answer, I can read his thoughts.

It's all pretty much done now. I ended up doing a few things in Syd's room as well. I'll try to have some pic's up this week.

I was trying to decide if I should watch last weeks American Idol and fill your in boxes with my nonsense about it, but really, I'm just thinkin' NO! I'll watch the ones this week and start from there. In fact, what I really should do is go to bed, that way I'll still be up when it comes on tomorrow night.
See ya!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Fasting and Praying=Focus, and vision

Hey peeps. Our Pastor asked us to fast from television this week. The purpose is so that when we miss it, we will turn to God and be closer to Him. The truth is, I only watch T.V. a couple of hours a week, and you know what those two hours are because I talk to you about them extensively every Wednesday and Thursday....American Idol. So since I am going television-less this week, I will not be blogging about AI...yes, I know it's Hollywood week. Since I really won't miss T.V. a lot, I am also gonna fast from blogging....ouch. That one hurts. So after this post publishes, I'll return to the blog and fb next Monday. See ya then, have a blessed week!