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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Howdy interwebular peeps!! I'm excited 'cause I've been on my pretend BFF, Beth Moore's, website and I CAN.NOT.WAIT. until she is here in the greater Memphis area.I like to say it that way 'cause it sounds all "newsy" doesn't it? Anyway, she'll be here October 9-10 and it's gonna be great! I'm going with some of my Bible Study buddies and I can't wait....I think I said that already.

I really would like to buy a new outfit to wear so I can look all stylish since I'm usually the frumpiest mom on the block, but I also really wanted to lose about 5 or 37 pounds before I bought any new clothes. I'm starting to think that's nevuh gonna happen though. I think I'm like toilet paper, better in bulk. Just call me TP. It also stands for tight pants, which is oh so fitting as well, the title that is, not the pants.....

I really was gonna exercise today. I started looking through the C.D.s for some upbeat praise music to workout to, I just seem to do better if I have some tunes going and thought it would be good to have some praises going up too. Elly walked in and wanted to know if I was gonna play some "Jesus music" whilst I exercised. I said, "Yes, why?" and she said, "Good, Sydney needs to hear it". Yeah, I didn't ask................and I gave up looking. I didn't find anything that seemed fitting. I just can't beebop to Phillips, Craig, & Dean....what do you guys listen to when you exercise?


Sunday, September 20, 2009

How was your weekend?

It's been a nice weekend. Our soccer games were rained out, which I was unhappy about at first, but we enjoyed a nice day at home yesterday. We ate popcorn and watched oldies like Little House on the Prairie and The Apple Dumplin' Gang, it was a hoot. Then last night we ran some errands and made a stop by Sam's, where my oldest saw a sign that read "no tobacco sold to minors" she looked at me and said, "those stupid people, there aren't any mines around here!" Bwahahahahaha! A little too many "gold rush era" television shows 'ey? Today we had a wonderful day at church and fun times with friends. So that concludes our wonderful weekend!

Now to start the new week.....

I should really be thumbing through school books and making out lesson plans, or doing the daily assignment for my Bible study, but lo, I sit here. It always seems to come together. Even last week when we had to study spores in science. I took the girls outside to look for some mushrooms or moss for examples. What with all the rain we've had lately that was sure to be an easy find. I found both, and even found a fern like plant growing from under a tree. Who knew we lived in a forest? I was just glad I didn't have to resort to the spore infested year old hot dog bun in the pantry that I'm apparently saving to pass on to the next generation. We like to grow our own penicillin, we're organic like that. If all that left you going, "what is she talkin' bout? Just hit delete and move on down to the cartoon below.....remember how I said I'd been on facebook with all the people I'd briefly met a time or two...

I thought this was cute, even though I must say, I've met and made some sweet friends from my blog that I now enjoy having on facebook too!


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Dear blog,

I'm sorry I have neglected you so. I know I left you for shallow facebook, but you stayed here waiting. You knew all along that I'd be back, it couldn't last between me and the facebook....it was only a fling, 'cause bless it, I just can't say what I need to in three lines or less. I tried.

My Word! It's been over a month. I started out so strong and then I faded. Like I do with most things. Mostly cause I spent so much TIME on the blasted fb stalking seeing what my everyone I've ever come in contact with that has a facebook account friends were doing. I finally decided this takes up less time. I'm not giving up fb, just gonna try to stay away a little.

The truth is, I should probably just do a little more real work and turn the whole thing off. That wouldn't be much fun though, now would it?

I'm gonna head off to bed now to get a little sleep since it's already after 1:00, but I'll be back. SOON!