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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, the king of storms???

Every time we've ventured out this weekend we have seen the same sad sight. Interstate 55 North, bumper to bumper with traffic. Almost every vehicle sporting a Louisiana tag. The pits, I'll tell ya, the pits. I search each car wondering what story the passengers could tell. I would like to take a family in, but what family. We don't know a soul from LA or lower MS for that matter. I offered to take in some family members or friends of some people we know from down there, but they seemed to all have some place to go. We are gonna try again tomorrow to find a family we can host. I know there are plenty of them out there, I just want to make sure my little girls are not in any danger, or exposed to anything they should not be. Y'all know what I mean. Out of curiosity, and because I'm a geek like that, I looked up the name Gustav to see what it meant. It is a Scandinavian/German name. It was borne by six different Swedish Kings. So I guess it is a King of a storm. But listen here Gustav, we know the KING of all the storms, and he's not watchin' the
Weather Channel to see what's gonna happen next. Let's remember all of our Brothers and Sisters headed for shelter.

Father God, Your word tells us to know assuredly that you, the Lord, have set apart the godly for Yourself; You, Oh Lord, will hear when we call to You. We are calling, please give safety to those seeking shelter, and calm the storm, as well as the child. In Jesus name,

Friday, August 29, 2008

Vacation pictures

I planned to scrapbook tonight, but got sucked in to the black hole otherwise known as the Internet, the blogosphere to be more exact. Soooo, I made a montage of our vacation pics to post here instead. I am new the montage business, so some of our heads, and various other body parts have been cut off by the artistic frames that are on the pics. Oh well.

All of these pictures were taken on our wonderful, happy, long, blessed, vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama this summer. We were able to take the camper down and stay for a couple of months, and it was a blast. This is only about a quarter of the pictures we took. I hope you enjoy lookin' at them. I have to warn you in advance, I tried to avoid any pictures of myself in a bathing suit, but alas, I am in a couple of them. I hope you don't go blind. Squint just a little bit when you come to the water pictures and maybe if you don't look directly at me, your retinas will be protected. I do apologize, no really, I do.

Y'all please send up a prayer for those down on the coast tonight. Gustav is headed their way, and they are bracing themselves. Some of my peeps are down there, Bless 'em. Let's lift them up to the one who can calm the storm, and calm the child.
I love ya to pieces peeps.

I slept like a ...............well, a man.

Hey peeps, I'm feeling a bit better today. I actually slept all night last night. A special anointing had to have been on the chemist that came up with Benadryl. That stuff just knocks me slap out. I slept like a man. I don't know why people say "slept like a baby". My babies never slept for more than a couple hours at a time. I don't wanta sleep like that. I wanta sleep like my husband. Now there's a boy that can sleep through anything. I don't know if it's all men, or just mine. Never once did the cry, or blood curdling scream of a baby wake this man, no, not once. We would be out in public with the babies when they were little and people would say "oh, how sweet, does she sleep well?" and he would say "yeah she sleeps well, we can't complain". WHAT?? Whose house are you sleepin' in? I was up three times last night...... He can also sleep through the smoke alarm going off. When we built this house apparently we did not get the self-charging smoke alarms. We got the wonderful kind, that don't chirp when the battery gets low, they go all the way off when the battery gets low. And the battery can be low on one and all six of them go off. Leaving you to go from room to room knockin' em off the wall with a broom checking to see which one is low. The first time this happened it was 3:00a.m. and I had two kids under 4. Yeah, couldn't happen at noon or anything. I jumped straight out of the bed and ran into Elly's room to check on her, she was still asleep, Syd was awake. I ran back into the bedroom expecting Tracy to be upstairs already checking up there,,,,,no, he was still sleeping, HAD.NOT.EVEN.TURNED.OVER. This thing was going off like crazy. I slapped tapped him on the head and said "wake up the smoke alarm is going off." He raised up and looked at me all crazy, and said "do you think there's really a fire?" "well not here in the bedroom," I said. Then the thing quit. He said "good it quit" and laid his head back down. I won't tell you exactly what I said then, but he got the idea maybe he should go upstairs and see if anything was on fire up there while I got Syd back to sleep. This is the same man who thought maybe we should keep a gun in the bedroom just in case someone broke in....why? so I could shoot off the gun to wake you up. I told him if he woke up to a killer in our room, he'd ask the guy if he could be last so he could get a few more minutes of sleep. (If there are any killers reading this we have a really big mean dog, and my little girl knows karate fu)
Good night peeps.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Menopause or mental pause....

Oh brain cells how I miss thee. I used to think that brain cells were some how attached directly to the placenta, as each time I gave birth a large withdrawl was made from the knowledge bank. It was harder and harder to remember things I could recall with ease, pre-baby. Any witnesses readin' this? I am grieved to report that the remainder of my brain cells were attached to my uterus and ovaries which were surgically removed almost two years ago. Insant.Menopause. Now I've been reduced to posting sticky notes with my kids names on them. Come Easter, I'll be hidin' my own eggs. I used to consider myself relatively focused. An organized, go get it, type "A" chick every one could count on, now I can't recall common words, and have to search my memory for what I did 10 minutes ago. If you need me to do anything important like watch your kids or sumpin, you might wanta pray about it first....just sayin'. The biggest problem is my personality didn't change...remember I said I was a type 'A' chick, well I still am, I just can't remember what I'm talkin' about, or who I'm talkin' to anymore. The upside is I don't stay mad about anything for long, because I forget what I was mad about in the first place. It maybe that the sleep deprivation causes the memory loss, cause in case you peeps had not noticed by the time stamped on many of my posts, you don't sleep much when the hormones exit. I have a friend who recently had a hysterectomy who is going through the same thing. She calls me for encouragment, but it's like the blind leading the blind. Her: "Hey girl, I just wanted to talk to someone whose been there" Me: "been where? was I supposed to be going some where???"
If y'all see me somewhere out in public and I look lost or confused, I probably am, stop and help a sista out.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I have bad hair and wear regrettable clothes

Alright, I just jumped over to my AOL account and I had an email titled: "Why are you settling for bad hair and wearing regrettable clothes?" Once I got over the initial shock turned fear at the thought that someone had a camera in my home and was actually viewing me as I sit here with bad hair and wearing regrettable clothes, I clicked on the link, to see exactly whom was insulting me.....it was Walt Disney World. Apparently I can win a dream vacation and some new duds for being the slob that I am. I would like to know if I have been nominated for this contest, or chosen at random....hmmmmmm. Either way if it's based on merit, I'm a shoe in. I try so hard to be fashionable y'all. I see all of my girlfriends, lookin' so cute in their sassy outfits, purses with matching shoes, hair styled to perfection. I am a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal. Always have been. I just used to look better in them then I do now. And my hair, I know it's 2008, but the hair still thinks it's in the 80's. The clippy thing is my best friend. I can spend an hour in the bathroom curlin' my hair, and I still end up with it in a clip before I get where I'm goin. Truth be told, I probably would have cut it all off by now, if it wasn't for Mr. Man, he likes the longer hair you know. So if y'all notice me gone for a week or so, I'm sure it's because I'm in Disney World, enjoying my free vacation. I'll send postcards of me in my new clothes. And whoever nominated me for this contest...
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Would the real sick child please stand up.....

Hey peeps. It's been a few days since we had a meaningful blog. I hope we aren't growing apart...... As you can see I've been playin' with the blog a bit. Changing some things up so it doesn't look so plain. I was gonna get rid of the wall paper look, but it's growin' on me, and hey flocking is coming back in style right? The music is still there, I just gave you the option of turning it on at the bottom of the blog.
A couple of you asked about Elly. She is doing better. We have an appointment scheduled with an ENT next week, her primary doctor wants to spread the wealth thinks the tonsils may need to come out, ARRG. I hope that goes over well with her, she usually takes things like this pretty well, however, if it was Sydney.....well that would be a whole different ball game. Just in case you were wondering in what kingdom the drama queen reigns, let me just tell ya, it's the Patterson house. Her daddy says she comes by it honestly, but I swear people, I don't know where she gets it. This after noon, she had a slight tummy ache, you know the post nasal drip kind, just the yucky tummy thing. She had been playing all afternoon, all was well, when suddenly she walked into the room and announced, "my tummy hurts, I think I may throw up, I'm so sick. I'm sooooo tired of being sick all the time," (wait, hasn't it only been a couple of minutes)...."I can't stand it any more, I wasn't sick when we were on vacation, why can't we sell the house and move to Alabama? When is Jesus coming back, I want him to come back and get us, 'cause I am soooo sick." Ummmmm, I'm not sure, but I don't think that was mentioned anywhere as part of the prophecy of the second coming. Elly was standing by, looking on in amazement at the whole display, keep in mind, Elly IS sick, and has been for days. She said, "I'm tired of this mess, and I'm gonna tell your friends how your actin'". It was all I could do to hold back the tears of laughter y'all. Suddenly there was a miraculous healing as Sydney was able to fly across the room to take revenge against her sister. I fear that by the time the teenage years arrive it will be I who is proclaiming, Come quickly Lord Jesus.

Elly, not feelin' so hot, and still a sweetie

Drama Queen, and total sweetheart

Tweakin' things....

Alright y'all. It's 1:30 a.m. and I was tired three hours ago, so bear with me, not bare with me, like I typed the first time, keep your pants on sista.
I know this background looks like the wall paper of a bath room in a cheap hotel in the 70's or my Mother's to this day, but that's another blog. I will work on it some more tomorrow. For now it's nighty night. Sweet dreams.....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Maybe 2012..........

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Guess where we're going today!

A.) On a fabulous shopping spree.

B.) To try out for So You Think you Can Dance.

C.) To be fitted for our own Olympic style beach volley ball outfits.

D.) To take Elly to the doctor.

If you haven't guessed yet, and I'm sure your choices have left you bewildered, It's D!! And, if you don't know why this is comical, read on down a few blahgs back sista. She had a low fever last night, I gave her some Motrin before bed. She seemed fine otherwise. This morning still low 100.2, but said her ear hurt.....thus we are going to fund the doctor once more. If this were a Tuesday, I would've given it a day,,,but you know, it's Friday and I don't want to take a chance on her feeling bad all weekend. Now, you know you've been to the doctor a lot, and your raisin' your 4 year old Southern girl right, when you give her an outfit to put on and she says "hasn't the doctor already seen me in this?" So fashion conscience, that Elly is. She needs to give her Mama some lessons. Yesterday we had an unexpected visit from the Union man. Apparently they are trying to drum up business at hubby's work. I'm sure you're asking yourself what outfit would be appropriate for a visit from the union man...might I not suggest a pair of really tired jersey shorts, and a two sizes too large T-shirt that has bleach spots and spaghettio stains all over it. Now, the shorts are OLD, did I say that already, and the shirt is long, which makes it look like you might, or might not have on shorts, you know the ones. The shirt itself is navy blue, but has little white dots all over it where I have apparently been sloppy in pouring bleach into the laundry, or toilet, or where ever else I thought their might be a germ. But that's not the worse thing girls. Ms. Elly Grace HAD to have Spaghettios for lunch. That stuff will stain anything, and if you drop the lid to the top of the can on your chest and it rolls down the front of your body as you are carrying an armload of garbage to the can.....it leaves a pretty mark, all the way down. So, this is the pretty sight Mr. Union got to see when I came to the door. I would never have answered the door if one of my kids had not beat me to it...yes, we've talked about that one. When he left I thought to myself how terrible I must look, as I walked to the mirror to check for myself, are you ready...wait for it,,,,,I had a spaghettio on my chest! Just below the left one. Yes y'all. Mr. Union, his card says from Washington D.C., comes all the way down here and gets to see that. I have disgraced us all. I do apologize.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

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Here Lizard, Lizard, Lizard....

Alright so today I was typing with one of my friends, and she was mentioning finding a lizard in her house. I had to see her lizard and raise her one, cause you see.....

Two summers ago, I noticed one in my guest bathroom running across the tile headed to the linen closet. I came running out of the room faster than the time my Dad had been in there after some bad chicken, you know what I'm sayin'? Tracy took off in a mad chase to catch it while I was stood on the couch yellin' in tongues. He finally caught it and threw it outside. Fast forward about an hour, Elly, who was two at the time, was in the kitchen playing and from the scrapbook laundry room I hear "isssssser." I saunter into the kitchen to comfort her saying "no cutie patootie, Daddy threw the lizard outside," when what to my wondering eyes did appear but another lizard, yep. He was so stunned from hearing me call out the names of all the prophets that have gone on before, AT the top of my lungs, that he sat frozen until hubby scooped him up and tossed him out on his ear, or flap, or side of his head,,,whatever. Now, I don't mind a lizard, just not in the house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They're coming to take me away...........

me NUTS!!!!

Various questions from Sydney(7) in the last ten minutes: Mommy, which is bigger a Blue Whale or a Great White Shark? Did you know a lot of kids my age already have cell phones? Why are you on the computer so much? Do your fingers hurt from pressing all the buttons? How old is Max(our dog)? When is he gonna die? When he does can we get a Schnauzer? Then when that dies can we get a rabbit? Why is dad allergic to cats? Will we be allergic to things in Heaven? Did Jesus spit up when he was a baby?

Various words from Elly in the last 10 minutes: Can a cat have puppies, or do they only have other cats? When I swim why does snot come out of my nose sometimes? How old is Max? Aren't you older? When are you gonna die? When you die we will buy another Mommy. I have to go pee pee will you wipe me... why not, you wipe faster than I do. But I don't wanta wipe myself 'cause it makes my throat hurt....UMMMM......Mommy come here, the potty's "frowin' up"....... Maybe I should have wiped her after all.........

And my personal favorite, I like to call them the Sam I Am questions....

Mommy do you like boo boos?
Did you like them when you were little?
Did you like them when you were big, but before we were born?

No, I do not like BooBoos,
I did not like them when I was was little, I do not like them now,
I did not like them when I was big, but before you were born.....
I do not like boo boo you see ,
now leave me, leave me, let me be!

Just wanted to get that off of my chest.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Here I am.....

I'm back, and I didn't even have to trespass today. I told ya that prayer chain would work. The techie guy is not scheduled to come until tomorrow, but with a new modem and much time on the phone we are up and runnin'. Thankfully the customer service rep I dealt with spoke English and was right here in the good ole U.S. of A.
Although in some ways I was hoping to get someone actually in China so I could go off about all this Olympic judging malarkey.... This is clearly an injustice, and many Americans are aghast, but since it is over there, nothing will be done. If the Olympics were being held here and we were showing partiality, there would have already been a summit, we would have been drummed out of the Great Eight for sure. They would all be lined up burnin' our flag outside the stadium. Jesse Jackson would be callin' the Chinese ambassadors to talk about the unfairness that the establishment had imposed on them and all the proceeds from the sales of Wheaties for the next 10 years would go to pay retributions.
Is there NO justice, I ask???
There is a good blog called The Fourth Medal that lays it out pretty well.

Off the soapbox now, I promise. The downtime with the computer was nice, in that I actually DID housework, and got some things done around here I'd been putting off. Hubby cut some shelving for me and I got my scrapbook room, all organized. Really it's the laundry room, but that doesn't sound very creative does it? While I was arranging all of my supplies and playing with my toys, he entertained the girls and taught them a new skill. Burping their ABC's. No, No, you can't have him, the line stops here, he is all mine. Elly can get further into the alphabet than Sydney, those of you who know her will not find this hard to believe. They're getting better at it every day. Yes, bacteria is the only culture we have in our home.......

Monday, August 18, 2008

Down time...

My Internet connection is down, y'all pray for me, this is bad. I think I may be in need of a support group. I've taken my "emergency" key and helped myself into the neighbors house to "borrow" her computer...far cry from a "cup uh shuga". It's not breaking and entering if you have a key, is it???? I told my girlfriend Ginny about my connection being down last night,and I think she put me on a prayer chain, so we should have a response soon. Well, I feel a bit odd about this situation, and I just had to get on to the kids for going through her refrigerator, so I think I had better go.... hope to talk more later.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's just a drop of blood.....

Hey peeps, just wanted to drop you a blahg, before I make an attempt at sleep. Syd had been saving up her money and bought herself a prized possession yesterday, a plastic microscope. She had spotted it sometime back in the "educational" toy section for about fifteen bucks. Now, this child inherited ALL of my genes, including the cheap one. "They'll mark that down Momma," little cheap said. And they did, so she picked up the last one for a smooth $9 yesterday. It came with a couple of cheesy prepared slides like a knat wing, and eye of newt or something like that,,,no not really eye of newt. A wool fiber or something. But nothing nearly as exciting as human BLOOD, which is what she wanted to see. She asked me ever so sweetly, "Mommy, could you poke your finger with a needle and bleed for me?" UMMMM, let me think, Not right now. A few minutes later, I hear her in the play room trying to get her little sister to scratch her 12 mosquito bites(from playing outside until dark the night before) really hard. "Just scratch 'em real hard until the tops come off, Elly." NO, Elly Don't listen to your sister. I told her to go find some dust or something. Well, I got to thinking, maybe I should do it, in the name of science and all. Besides, I remember a little girl who used to ask her Mommma to do the same thing,,, and my Momma always did. So I got a sharp needle and braved a poke at my finger, no blood, must not have been hard enough, did another finger, no blood, let's try again, no blood. Girls, the ends of my fingers were bright red and SORE, but not a drop of blood. And it hurt. Finally I decided I just could not bare to poke myself any harder and sent her off to find something else. When Daddy got home, she asked him, that was a really quick and easy response..... "have you lost your mind?"
Well, after dinner I decided I might try one more time, even though I REALLY did not want to feel the pain of another poke, but I wanted to do it for my little girl....and to save the dog, because I noticed she was lookin' at him kinda funny. Well, I bit down on a rolled up cloth(for lack of a bullet), and poked myself fast and woohoo, got one drop of blood. And it hurt. You'd better believe I slapped that baby down on the slide with a quickness I dare not waste that drop and have to do it all over again. As I was rinsing off my finger, so proud of myself for getting that one drop of blood, the Lord nudged my heart by bringing these words to my mind...."If you, being a sinful human, know how to give good gifts to your child, imagine how much greater I give.." Luke 11:13 You see, I was whining about giving one drop of blood, and He sweat drops of blood. I was complaining about the instantaneous pain of a quick needle poke, while nails pierced His hands. Thank you Jesus, for dying for me.....

See ya tomorrow!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Go get a snack.....

.....cause this is gonna take a while.

Heavy stuff: Sorry, for the late blog today. We had many errands to run, and had to go see Poppy in the hospital. Y'all keep him in your prayers for us, for a quick recovery and successful chemo.

*disclaimer: none of the stores mentioned below are paying me to use their names, and after you read this, you'll know why~

light stuff: Now, y'all know me, and how I like to keep it light. Don't take things too serious cause it's all temporary ya know, but I'm about to blow the dust off the soapbox, and step on up. As my Momma would say, "it's gittin' so's you can't go anywhere"... and this time, she would be right. In the midst of our errand running today we needed to find Me some shoes. Yes sister, bras AND shoes, you missed it. The first stop, Dillard's. You just can't be a southern girl and not love you a Dillard's can ya? Now, I don't know how far down south they go, but here in Missipi, they are DA BOMB. I thought I would run into the girl's department to see if they had any cute swimming suits marked down for the kiddos, because you know, as I said before, you may recall, I am cheap. I sauntered right up to the rack and they had some real cuties. Many to choose from, and all was going well until the most annoying, no clue havin', helpful sales clerk came along. She was grabbing swimsuits and shoving 'em in my face faster than I could say "No thank you". The girls are both big for their age, so it's hard to find sumpin that looks their age, that's in their size. Not that I think a 7/8 is the appropriate size to start dressin' like a garden tool, but I guess a girls gotta start somewhere.

pushy suggestive sales lady: don't you love this one? (tiny two piece with "surf chick" across the butt)

Me: no, I don't like any wording across the bodonkadonk. (or a suit that looks like some dental floss and a band aid)

pushy suggestive sales lady: yeah, I guess your girls are a little young for that.....(what?)

Me: yeah, we'd like 'em to start loosin' their baby teeth before we dress 'em like a hoochie momma.

She left me alone after that.

Next stop, shoe store. We walk inside and there is a woman with several children going in just ahead of us, only one of the children is kind of straying and not paying attention, the way all kids do. This woman turns around and says, "c'mon mutha #&@*!" WHAT??? NO SHE DI-ENT????? YES, SHE DID! And then, she said it again!! Now I know you sisters that have known me for a long time will be shocked to hear that I, YES I, was at a loss for words. IF this is what she calls him in public, what does she refer to the child as at home? ...so, NO shoes for me today, let's just go home. Now I know this, along with the beautimus sweater and necklace set I spoke of in an earlier post, leaves you for certain thinking this girl shops in the GHETTT-OH,,,but alas, I was in Hisnando at the Hibbets. So, ya just can't go anywhere.

And you guessed it, I got home with NO BRAS AND NO SHOES....another day, another shopping trip, another post.

peace out

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Perfect Bra

Okay girls, today I am going to share with you, my search for a bra. If you find my talking about bras to be offensive, then please close your eyes and scroll down to the post about what I had for breakfast yesterday. I'll give you a second to decide.....

Here I go. Yours Truly is in dire need of some new bras. This is the one thing in life I hate, loathe and despise shopping for. Cute shoes, yes. Bras, not so much. My Mimi, bless her, still calls them brassieres. It's easy to see why it got shortened through the years to just plain old bra. I think it is an acronym for Brutal Rezoning Apparatus. I say rezoning, because if I don't put these dogs on a leash they get way down the block before I can catch them. Just sayin'. Anywho, the ones I currently possess are tired, and I mean worn slap out. My favorite bra died in the spring one Sunday morning as we were readying for church. I was just about ready to go, when I felt this stabbing pain under my right arm. I asked Hubs to please look under there for me to see if something had got in my blouse and stung me. I don't know why I thought something had, we aren't raising bees in the bathroom for heaven's sake. At any rate, he found the source of my pain and told me that the wire in my most beloved minimizer bra had poked itself a hole and was protruding right out the side into my flesh. OUCH! Immediately taking note of my grief at such a loss he said, "I think we can fix it." He left the room and returned with some wire cutters and a pair of plyers. Ummmm, whatchagonnadowiththose? "I was gonna just try to clip that metal off the end there, but maybe you should take it off first".....ya think? So I changed into the bra I hate. The one that squishes the girls together and makes it look like a have a speed bump across my chest, and decided we'd better go or I was gonna be late for choir. When I came out Hubs was in the garage with his plyers, a pneumatic sanding wheel, and my bra?? *disclaimer** DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME*** He cut the end of the wire off and sanded it so if it happened again, it wouldn't hurt so bad. Out of desperation I wore it a couple of more times, only to have it happen again, so out it went. I made it through most of the summer with speed bump bra and a couple of sports bras but the time has come for me to go in search of some bras. Any helpful hints would be much appreciated. I don't require a lot in a bra. Needs to be supportive, yes supportive is good, and each cup needs to know it's place, I'm tired of the unibreast. Anybody want to go shopping with me? Not so much, I'm sure..... Alright girls, I need a witness on this one, if you have a bra story leave it in the comments so's we can ALL feel your pain.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Healthy breakfast, I think not

Good morning Internet peeps. My 5 hours of sleep have left me with under eye bags big enough to check at the gate surprisingly refreshed. I have been trying to eat healthier as of late, so I got up and toasted my whole grain wheat English muffin, mixed up my raw honey, cinnamon and organic peanut butter to lather over the top, and then I had a thought.....wouldn't chocolate syrup be good on this? But that wouldn't be healthy and would ruin the whole thing, right? Alas, here I sit with chocolate drippin' off the thing and it is good sisters, oh yes, it is. Healthy schmealthy.

Major props have to go out to Michael Phelps. Not that I think he's reading my blog. I admire anyone who trained like that. He had me worried every time he wore that pants only swim suit, that thing was a wardrobe malfunction waitin'to happen. Y'all know what I'm sayin'.....

I've been working on a study in 1John this week. And this morning, I "got a word". Beth would be so proud. I was reading where it talks about having an advocate in Jesus. The Greek word for advocate is "Parakletos" representative,or like a lawyer. Just for kicks, I decided to look up the Hebrew (yes, I know, it was written in Greek) just to see what it said, and it said a covering or veil. Whew! Jesus does cover or veil our sin with His precious blood doesn't He. You know how Beth tells us to cover our heart with our hand when we get a word like that, well girl I slapped my chest so fast my sweet babies thought I was trying to kill something. In Syd's sweetest southern tone, "jagitit mama?" Yeah baby, I got it, and I'm gonna hide it, right here in my heart.

Elly is asking if she can have a Twinkie for "dessert." Should we have dessert after EVERY meal? I didn't think so, but I don't want to quell any southern traditions. Maybe if she didn't see her mama over here with a chocolate covered English muffin.......

Random thoughts because I can't sleep

They need to make sturdier chips. I swear these Ruffles are hardly strong enough to hold this bar-b-que pork I'm trying to dip. I can't sleep, so I am gonna tell you guys the stupid thoughts that go thru my mind whilst I toss and turn.

Abomination, sounds a whole lot like Obama-nation....

How far exactly is walking distance?

can you get scared half to death twice?

'Memba the adage if at first you don't succeed, you know, try, try again....what if you're sky diving?

I'm gonna try to go to sleep again, good night.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hard at Play

Well, I am finally out of the tent. I'm worn out from much play. We played like we were soldiers in war, then like civilians hiding out in a tent. I suppose the inspiration for all of this is from a children's book (American Girls; Molly) about air raids, bomb drills, and such. We even reached way back to the Civil war and played Clara Barton and started the Red Cross, working tirelessly to save wounded puppies, soldiers. Tiring of the war theme, I suggested that we could play like Paul in the Bible, going on journeys, he was a tent maker ya know. Elly passed on this idea because she didn't see the opportunity to fit "karate fu" into that scenario. So now I am baby sitting my grandkids,,,,Baby Alive and Cold Nose Puppy, while their "mommies" are off to work. Their boss is such a pushover, they barely make it in to the office before he lets them come home. Their having me over for dinner tonight, I think we're having taco's, secret ingredient legos, don't tell anyone. I hear they're high in protein.

our field hospital

Hard at work for the war effort

Monday, August 11, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Tracy called this morning and wanted to know what we had planned for tonight. Never does my spouse call me at 10:00 a.m. and ask me what I planned to do 8 hours later. Gee, let me check my calender, feed the dog, cook supper, wash dishes, give the kids a bath, scan the television for something that doesn't have animated characters in it that's fit for viewing, that about covers it. We're an exciting bunch, are we not? So, when he told me he had four tickets to the Redbirds game and four vouchers for free hot dogs and cokes, all compliments of FedEx, I was giddy. No cookin', no cleanin' up, and did I mention I'm all about FREE. It's nearly my favorite word. A hot dog and a coke was suddenly like fine cuisine. Sounds good, we'll be ready. And a good time was had by all. Except the lady that wanted money outside the stadium who proceeded to shout bad language (and I don't mean ending a sentence with a preposition), at my family when we didn't immediately hand it over..... When we got home Syd asked me what the lady was doing and I told her she was asking people on the street for money, Elly's eyes lit up and she said, "does that work?" No, no baby, it doesn't. It is a sad situation, we remembered to pray for her. I never really know what to do in that situation. Many times I have given them money, I took an umbrella to a homeless man in the rain once, but I have also given them food, only to have it snubbed. What do you bloggity bloggers do? Let me know, I'm curious.
Well, it's Monday afternoon again. Here I sit at the computer "taking" a much needed break from playing with play dough. That is the stinkinest stuff. I can't imagine how a kid can eat that stuff, but they do, oh don't say they don't, you know your kids have tried it too. Elly is finally better, she had a sinus infection last week. I was afraid she had strep AGAIN. It has only been a month since she had it last time. She came in this morning and said, "Momma, is it time for my meds".....what is this, an episode of ER? You're 4,,,yes it's time for your meds, thanks for reminding me. When we went to the doctor last week. He asked how our trip was this summer, and told us that he had missed us. I'm sure he did. What with gas prices so high and the Patterson's out of town, I'm sure he had hard time making ends meet. I assured him that if we planned on going away for an extended period again I would make sure he knew well ahead of time so he could budget accordingly. Ya'll, it's not unheard of for our family to to go to the doctor twice a week with different ailments and/or different patients, for real. I promise we are not hypochondriacs. If we could just get Syd to realize she is not a stunt person, and Elly to quit licking things, and puttin' everything that looks a little germy in her mouth we might stay out of the Doctor's office. Anyway, he was glad to hear that he didn't miss out on too much revenue as we only had to make one trip to the emergency room while away......so in case you were wondering how my 4 year old knows what "meds" are, now ya know.

Well, I gotta go, I just got a major guilt trip from Syd. They want me to come play "tent" with them. I built a huge tent across my bedroom out of sheets and rope and clothes pins. I thought that would be enough to entertain them so I could blog a bit. But thus, here they stand. Pouty lips, batting eyes, chanting please play with us. I know this will go by all too soon, and besides, Sydney said she told everyone yesterday I was her best friend in the whole world......ohhhhhh..off I go, if you need me I'll be in the tent.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does anyone need a hat rack?

Another hot day is coming to an end here in Missipi. I know that's not how you spell it, it's how we say it though. We started out our day cleaning out closets and drawers and the like. Hubs started it all. I heard him in closet moving things around, and he said he was going to 5S around here. At first I ignored him thinking he had picked up some more silly slang from one of the kids movies,,,,then he came and got the trash can...and started filling it up. Apparently, 5S is a business strategy they use at his work. It means throw away junk you don't need. I guess my term sounds a little less professional than "5S". There are apparently 5S's like sort, store, standardize, shine, sustain. Sounds great doesn't it? I have a few S's of my own, shove(it under the bed) stick(it behind the couch)stow (it behind the closet door) Sit (down and rest).
Whilst cleaning out the closets many treasures were found. One being a hat rack I purchased on which to store the many ball caps we(I use the term we loosely) collect. It was laying on the floor and S saw it and wanted to know what it was, I explained that is a hat rack, to which my four year old said " you know sissy, like Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego....... this made me laugh until I flat out snorted. I could not contain myself..... the thought of Nebuchadnezzar meeting Hatrack, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego, just thrilled me to the core of my being. I think God probably laughed out loud when he heard that. I think he laughs don't you???

After the clean out was complete, we had to go our separate ways, Hubby and oldest to visit Poppy, and E and I to a birthday party. Hubby announced to me that he had come to a milestone in his life and feels that he is now ready to wear black calf length socks with shorts. Ummm,. no, I don't think so.
The birthday party was fun, hot, but fun. They had slip and slides and kid sized pools set up for all the little ones to splash and play in. I've never wanted to throw my body on a piece of wet plastic so bad in all my life. But, I'm sure the child's parents could not have afforded the therapy it would have taken the children to get over my flinging myself down the slip and slide. My legs were sweating again...

Friday, August 8, 2008

PG or PG-13 contents

Well, it's Friday, movie night is here again. Actually we've been having a lot of movie nights at our house since it's so hot you can't go outside without sitting on a block of ice. And then you really would only have a cold butt and the rest of you would be dripping sweat. I went out to get the mail yesterday and my legs were sweating. I did not even know legs could sweat. Maybe it's just that I've had so much fat covering my sweat glands for the past several years, that I had just forgotten legs could sweat. Either way, it's too stinkin' hot to be outside. Back to the movies, my children have been way into karate since we saw Kung Fu Panda this summer. Yes, I know, they are girls, tell them that. I picked up Karate Kid at Target for $5 the other day. It's rated PG, so I thought well that should be okay, after all they couldn't rate it G with all that kicking and stuff right?? I had not seen the movie in over 20+ years, we won't talk about + how many, so I certainly did not remember anything much about it. Only that Ralph Machio was on the cover of Teen Beat and Tiger Beat for 6 months after it came out and I kept turning past him to get to the pics of Rick Springfield and John Stamos for pitty's sake. Anyway, we were about half way through the movie when the pottly mouth flood gate opened up, with a quickness and without warning. I was suddenly able to leap small buildings in a single bound when Barbie's Dreamhouse and Polly Pocket's jumbo jet became hurdles that I jumped on my way to the television. Yes, I broke the mother's law of watching a movie without the remote in hand. What was I thinking? Now I know why that law exists, well okay it's not really a law, but it should be. I think that little potty mouth used every word in the book, fortunately the mom radar kicked in after the first one and my kids were so amazed, amused and in shock at their mother's Olympic like ability to jump from one side of the room to the other clearing all obstacles, that they didn't process any of the foul language. This all leads me to say that in this day and time that movie would be labeled PG-13, 20+ years ago, it was PG. Lesson learned, I will be more careful in the future.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What a friend!

Shout out to Ginny!! She was the first to view the blog and leave a comment! She gets the friend of the day prize, a cheap gaudy necklace that came free with a sweater I bought last year. I know you can hardly wait, so I'm including a picture:

It will be very flattering for most special occasions, or if you so desire, you could wear it to perform a belly dance for your husband, as it looks like it would be well suited for this purpose. Right about now you are probably asking yourself, "where does that girl buy her clothes?" I promise I was not anywhere near Frayser, but right here at our local Goody's, that's right BOGO, now we know why..................
WOOHOO, I am soooo stinkin proud. I finally found out how to get my screen name to match (or closly resemble as the case may be) my domain name.... now maybe my friends, both of you, can find me!!

If you have a minute check out Boomama's blog, that chick is hu-lar-e-us....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Escape Internet Dating

Wow, I've been trying to find a way to get a url address that more closely matches my blog name. Apparently I would have to start a whole new blog, which would not be a problem, except for the fact that there is already a blog with that name....oh well, maybe I'll come accross someone who knows what they are doing and they can help me out. I am not the most blog literate person for sure. I had a hard time finding a template to make this look like something more than junkmail. And to think people actually find mates on line. I can't imagine what I would have ended up with if I had been forced to go that route. I heard the Pina Colada "Escape" song earlier, when I was thinking about that. I am always making up new lyrics to songs for the kids, and this came to mind.....

If you like internet dating, meeting matches on line,
'cause you don't think your social, or can't find the time.
If you like typing until midnight, to find a fantasy date,
If you're not feeling lucky, you can just press escape........

I digress,,,,hey it's 11:30 p.m. what do ya expect???

Starting up a blog

I've been wanting to start one of these things for so long, finally I did it. I have been working on it all day. Why all day do you ask, because I have to stop every few minutes, sometimes every few seconds, to take care of something for one of the girls. How can I possibly be over weight when I get up and down from my chair at least 762 times a day to get something for somebody. Dont' they call those squats or something like that?
E is sick, running fever, acting like a nut none the less...I'll be right back, I have to get up for the 763rd time, someone needs something to eat..... here i am. Anyway, I'm trying to decide who is going to take S to church, me or DH. I really liked the graphic I found to go with the blog title. Do you think the bear is "baring false witness" LOL.
One of them just came in the room and wanted to know how to spell pee pee???I'm not sure if I should be excited that she can write at her age, or be afraid of what she's writting......I had better check on this one(764).