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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back again! Excuses, excuses and sales at Walgreen's!

Yes, people. I'm back again. I'm sorry that I am such a sporadic blog poster person....but...I can't seem to help it. I post, I don't post, and then, as you you can see, I post again!
Facebook has been the main reason that I have not posted. I tend to leave quick one lined blurbs there and it requires little thought I my part....which is a good thing for me after homeschooling the girls and keeping up with daily life by 4 or 5 p.m.each day my brain is pretty much fried. That smell of burnt microwave popcorn would be my brain cells sizzling.
While fb may be the means of my communicating blurbs of needless info, it can also be a quagmire of garbage that takes hours to wade through...there is a fine line between "I should do a status update about that" and "I should talk to a therapist about that". All that to say, I've not been spending my time wisely people.
I'm going to try to do better. Here, I am going to post about some sales at Walgreens that are taking place starting tomorrow. This is meant to help my new coupon peeps that I have been helping recently.
Here is a listing of the things that Wags has on sale this week. Look over the blog and ck out monthly sales as well as the weeks sales items. Get any printables you can to match up with the sale items.
As requested, I am including my scenarios for the week.
#1 Applied Nutrition Total Body Defense
2 Motrin IB 20 ct @3.00 each
use $6/2 coupon for Motrin
use $10 rr I had from previous sale
pay only tax oop(out of pocket)
Get back $10 rr and $3 rr

#2 1 Baby Magic Lotion or wash
use $3 rr from transaction #1
pay only tax oop
get back $3 rr

#3 Colgate Total Defense $2.99
Peroxide .39 with in ad (q) coupon from this weeks flier
Super Poligrip $1.99
use Colgate $1/1 mfg (q)coupon from Wags Diabetes and You
use Wags coupon $1/1 from same booklet
use $3 rr from transaction #2
pay $3.37 oop
get back $3 rr and $2 rr

#4 Aquaphor Lip Repair $4.99
Peroxide .39 w/ in ad q
Schick Hydro Razor $8.99
Use $1/1 Aquaphor
use $2/1 Razor
use $10 rr from trans #1
pay $1.37 plus tax
get back $5 rr and $6 rr

#5 Schick Hydro $8.99
Listerine $2.99
Naso anti-drip spray gel $4.99
use $2/1 Schick
use @2/1 Listerine
use $10 rr I had from previous transaction
pay $2.97 plus tax
get back $6 rr $1 rr and $5 rr

#6 Drinking water $2.49 w/ in ad q
Jet Dry $3.49
use $1 off Jet Dry from Wag's March booklet
use $1/1 mfg q for Jet Dry
use $2.99 rr
pay .99 plus tax

In the end, I'll have $25 worth of register rewards left over to use towards other purchase. Since Walgreens carries such a wide variety of products these can be used on a lot of different items, or save them for next weeks sale. Happy shopping!