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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What did you say???

You may be watching too much Fox News when your 5 five year old calls her sister a DEMOCRAT!! in a fit of rage.......just sayin'


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Game night=Quality Family Time!

You guys know what a sap I am about the girls growing up. I would keep them toddlers fo-evah! BUT, one thing I have been looking forward to was being able to play games. I love to play games. For those of you don't know me well, I can be a little competitive. Any way, we got a new game this week. Called Acting Out, it's so much fun to watch them play this game. It says from ages 7 and up, but I just read the card to Elly and she can play along with Sydney. You have to pull one card that has a sound named on it, and another that has an activity on it, and you have act/sound them out simultaneously. They have a blast, and quite frankly I've about spewed soda outta my nose watching them play. It's definitely a girlie game. It would be fun at a sleep over. There were a few cards that I had to take out because they would not understand them, but overall it's a really fun game!! It gets three snaps!! You can get it at HERE. And that, my friends is our review!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back to School........

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to start getting everything ready for school. I'm finally beginning to get excited. It took a while this year, but I'm finally getting the "eager for school bug," not to be confused with the, "I'm sick of school, when will this wretched school year ever end bug," that comes around mid September. J/K, I love it. God gives me grace and mercies new each day or I couldn't do the thing.

There really is such a list of things to do. Monday we went "back to school" shopping. I thought by going on a weekday we could avoid the crowds, which we did, but I had forgotten in my summer vacation fog, that you encounter a whole different animal in the forest of retail on Mondays.......the PROFESSIONAL SHOPPER......you've spotted her, the lady with the fanny pack carrying her calculator clipped on the side. Her sale fliers spread across the front of her cart with items needed circled in Sharpie red. She can tell you the price of a loaf of bread by the slice. If you are one of these creatures, God bless you. I wanta be just like ya when I grow up. But for now, I have a kid I'm trying to keep out of the ice machine and one I'm trying to keep from asking the guy with the nose ring what he was thinkin' when he made that decision. If we get out with the crayons, pencil sharpener, and milk we came for it'll be a blessed day.

We finished reading Treasure Island, and are currently winding up our unit study. Sydney has developed an attachment to the characters the same way I do when I read a book and hates to see it ending. It warms my heart to see her love literature....pirates not so much. A fellow blogger asked me in her comments if we were reading the unabridged version. Mwuahahahahaha...No. We are reading a children's version from Dalmatian Press. It still has some degree of pirate speak without my having to stop and decipher for them everything being said.

Well, I am off to fold laundry, do dishes, and organize a little more for school. I hope to find time to eat a little chocolate somewhere in there.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ayee there Matey!

Wow! What a week. I've been helping a friend by watching her kids for her this week and let me just say....babies are soooo stinkin' sweet, especially this one, and it's amazing how fast you forget yours being that little. Let me also just say....I'm almost 40. And too stinkin' old to be doing everything with a baby on my hip. OH.MY.WORD. I forgot how much work they were. AmtrakCalgon, Take me Away........Okay so Molly Ringwald is older than me and just had twins, she also has nanny, a maid and a yard boy. Throw in a personal trainer and team of plastic surgeons and the staff's complete. Since, I'm not an 80's drama queen, well I am, but I didn't get paid for it...I'm thankful mine are out of diapers.

As a tribute to our summer spent on the gulf in the salty water and on the sandy beaches we've been reading "Treasure Island". In fact they have been enjoying all things pirate this summer for some reason. Yes, they are girls. Anyway, the other day we were at the doctor's office getting on the elevator when a man with a patch over his eye got on the elevator with us. Before I could get between Elly and the man she blurted out, "Wow, that's an awesome pirate patch!!" Good times.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's just another Moron Monday.....ohhhh,ohhhh....

Hey peeps, haven't done Moron Monday in like, forever. Actually, I haven't blogged with any consistency in like, forever, but I read an article tonight that blew me away. Apparently swearing, cussing, cursing, whatever you call it at your house, is a "
universal human linguistic phenomenon
". Yes, and apparently needed people from large universities, being paid large large salaries to research this and they have determined that if we swear when we get hurt, it helps the pain. ???? You have got to be kidding me!! It goes on to say that contrary to their expectations, people who swore had a higher tolerance for pain...In my house if you swore you developed a high tolerance for Lemon Fresh Joy....But hey, I'll try to remember this the next time I'm at the dentist's office, or having a mammogram. If they ask me if I'd like anything for the pain, I'll just say, "no, I just thought I'd cuss you out first and see if that helps."
These people must be smokin' crack. I want a refund of my tax dollars.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey peeps! I am almost unpacked. Truth told I spent most of the day today finishing up a book I had started in the just before we left the gulf. So, I could have been done but instead I'm a day behind. Oh well, call it a relapse into vacation mode.

I am so glad the Michael Jackson--funeral/memorial/worship/tribute, is finally over. This has lasted since June TWENTY-FIFTH people. I mean absolutely no disrespect what.so.ever, but I hate to see a mere person literally worshipped. But I believe they finally laid him to rest today, somewhere unrevealed to the public at this time. Sounds like something I may have read before.....hummmmmmmm.

It has been a sad week for sure in the entire entertainment and sports industry. What last week with the latest episode of NFL:CSI. That was truly a sad case. I feel terrible sorry for Mr. McNair's wife and children who are left to deal with not only the loss of a father/husband but the cloud of mystery and confusion and frustration they are left to deal with and defend. Sad times, sad times.

The fact remains that God is on His throne and He is listening. These are people who need our prayers. Though we don't know them, and they are out of our physical reach, our prayers can touch their lives in ways we'll never know this side of Heaven. So join with me please.

Talk more soon!


Monday, July 6, 2009

I laid on the beach like a big fat pig, now I'm home again, home again, jiggity jig!!

We got home last night around 5:30. It's amazing how long it takes to unload 6 weeks worth of stuff. You might as well just say you moved. It will take all week to sort things out and put them back where they belong.

It was an absolute blast but now, back to life, back to reality.......

talk more later..