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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Pool of Abdul....

If you missed AI tonight then the title of this post is lost on you completely, and for those of you didn't miss it,,,what is up with Simon and Paula anyway?
Sorry I have not been on, but the blog, it was sick last week. I couldn't get it take any posts. I think someone knew I needed to get some work done instead of playing on here......hummmmmmm

Anyway, here's the run down...

Lil' sang "I'm Every Woman" and did a decent job of it, but at this point the judges have decided they hate her. If it hadn't been disco night one of the guys could have easily come on after her and sang "Baby's Got Back" and won the vote for the night, 'cause I'm just sayin' that wagon she's draggin,' it's full gurrl.

Next was Kris, He sang "She Works Hard for the Money" Santana style. I had just said to my hubs that sounded like Santana music...and they Paula stole my line. Gee, I hope that doesn't mean we think alike....ugh. He was as boring as usual with he intelligent answer about the song having something real to say,,,,"about a woman who works hard"......ummm, really? Boring personality or not, he pulled it off, and I really liked it.

Danny was number three and I loved his version of "September" and a little bit of "I Can See Clearly Now" tagged in there. It was a good mix. I hope he wins. Of course, you already knew that.

Allison sang "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer, HATE.ED.IT! I usually like her, not tonight though. And I am afraid she may go home tomorrow, but let's hope not.

Adam Lambert sang "If I Can't Have You" in the most whiny style possible. I am just so over his screeching head voice that I can't take it anymore. I am sorry, but I don't see why they are so impressed with him. He's undoubtedly gonna win, and I hope it pleases the judges when he does and can't sell many records. What's he gonna record? He has a great future on Broadway though with all his drama. Paula was holding back tears, genuinely, the woman was about to have an ugly cry over it. I think her doctor needs to up her meds.

Matt sang "Stayin' Alive" and I felt sorry for the remaining Bee Gees who may have been listening. It was bad. If they had not just saved his tail last week and not wanted to look like morons for doing so, I think the judges would have torn him up tonight. I think he's in trouble. I was glad to see him in that hat again this week. It hides that wart on his forehead, I know if it were me, I'd wear it every week. Every time I see it I think of John Candy in "Uncle Buck" when he tosses that lady a quarter and tells her to "hire a rat to chew that thing off her face"......sounds mean I know, and I know that I'm no beauty queen, but I'm not on national television with a wart the size of Milwakee on my forehead either.

Anoop sang "Dim The Lights". I had never heard the song, but he did a good job. I think Anoop's problem is that he doesn't have any stage presence....I sound so professional don't I? Like I know what stage presence is.... I'm just saying he doesn't command the audience.

All in all it was a pretty good night. Two go home tomorrow night. I think it will be Matt, and either Anoop or Lil, but it wouldn't surprise me if Allison slipped through the cracks tonight and got voted off. The people over at votefortheworst.com are asking everyone to vote for Lil so it could happen that she would have just enough to stay on the show....we shall see. I personally did not vote tonight, too busy working on...........wait for it......OUR DISNEY TRIP!!!

Yes, the Lord blessed us with this and we are sooooo thankful. We got it all booked, now we're just waiting on confirmation for some of the restaurants we are wanting to take the girls to for dinner. I am so excited!!



beckyjomama said...

You crack me UP!!!!!

OH! The wagon se is draggin. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

4 J's said...

We fell out laughing when Ryan said Pool of Abdul! And I totally agree with the "hat and the wart!" It is what my eyes are drawn to EVERY TIME!

Melanie said...

Hey stranger. I know you'll have a blast in Disney. What fun. Yeah, and I can't imagine why he hasn't didn't do away with that thing on his head years ago. It's so distracting. However, I personally love Adam. I doubt I'll be buying his stuff 'cause he's not my personal style but the guys got some serious talent.

Anyway, just checkin' in in what seems like for forever.

JLI said...

Here's what I read: "blah, blah, blah....DISNEY!"

Oh, can I come.....pweeeese?!?!?

Kim Sue said...

can't wait to hear all about the disney fun and see cute pictures of 2 little girls having the time of their lives!