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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My, how you've grown....

Today the pest control man came for our quarterly treatment. No, we don't live in the ghetto, I just don't like creatures of the six legged variety. Anyway, this is what was said.....

Mr. Bug Man: "My you girls sure are getting big!"
Sydney: "Yep, I almost come to my Mom's chin, see......" (marches over and measures herself against me....)

Elly: "And I come just under her boobies, wanta see?!!"

Thank you Mr. Bug Man for not looking me in the eye as you turned around and went out the door.....laughing audibly. When you tell this to the lady at the office, please don't use our real names.

Thank you!


Beth P. said...

Haha! Thats too cute. How kind of the bug man to not acknowledge that one.

I'm stopping by from SITS. Thanks for the chuckle. Happy Tuesday!

Christi said...

LOL! How do they know just what comment not to make so they can make it? And what a nice bug man to not make a big deal out of it!

My daughter keeps saying she is "almost as tall as" I am. I keep telling her no, she is only up to my arm pit and to quit growing.

Thanks for the laugh!

carol said...

Make me laugh. Good thing you don't have a really short one that comes to your "other parts". That would be really embarrasing.