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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kroger Week!!

Okay, so I had quite a coupon fiasco at Kroger on Saturday.(who knew the system would stop doubling identical coupons after 15...so I had to make 7 different transactions....) Alas, I have recovered and I am ready to head that way again! All of you who listened a few posts back and started saving the Pillsbury and Frozen veggie coupons are about to have a good week at Kroger! This week, starting Tomorrow afternoon(you can get the new week's sale prices as well as the old week on Tuesday afternoons) the Green Giant frozen veggies AND the Pillsbury biscuits and other frozen breads will be on sale. There are multiple ecoupons at shortcuts.com and Kroger.com and Cellfire.com which you can load directly to your Kroger card to go along with your paper coupons you've been saving. There is also a Green Giant Catalina that is going on...from 9/6 until 10/3 buy 4 get $1, buy 6 get $2 buy 8 or more and get $3 off your next shopping purchase. I'd buy my veggies first and then use my catalina to offset my Pillsbury purchase!!
At CVS this week you can get free Revlon lipstick with their ECB deal. If you're interested in this go to Southern Savers and click the CVS tab for further instructions!
Any site I've mentioned here can be accessed directly from the sidebar where it says "I heart these blogs"
Happy Shopping!!


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