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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What do coupons and the moon have in common?

They both go around in cycles.....Sales and coupons are ran and generated in cycles. You will usually notice that you are seeing the same ole coupons and the same ole sales for about 10-12 weeks. Then you will start noticing a new set. This will run for 10-12 weeks and then another. It's a rotation. This is another GREAT reason to STOCK UP when they are on sale and running coupons. For the entire summer we've been getting free razors and deodorant, however I've been missing all of the great frozen veggie coupons I saw in the spring. I'm glad to see they are coming back. ..go over to the sidebar in my faves and click Coupons.com and print some!! There are several good ones. You will start to see a LOT of candy coupons because of the harvest fest formerly known as Halloween.
Make sure you print extras to save for the Christmas candy that they'll put out the day BEFORE Halloween....sheesh.
Anyway, tonight I found some cheap razors, and cheap Pizza Rolls at Target. They had Pizza rolls on sale for $1.36. If you happened to print out the .40 Target q for 2 boxes, and the new $1/1 (print two) at Pillsbury.com then you can get two boxes for .32!!
Y'all have a good night. If you know of any good bargains out there, then share the love and leave a comment!

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