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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick update

We have made it to Orlando. Thank you Jesus!! I thought I was gonna have to be dropped off on the FL Turnpike many times. When I finally got one child to sleep and the other one to quit asking how many more minutes away we were from Disney World I thought I was gonna get a break. Then it started to storm. Ya'll know I don't like to drive, and when it's stormin' I don't even like to RIDE. It terrifies me. I looked at Tracy and said, "I need a nerve pill," I didn't think I was gonna make it. He was laughing at me so hard that I don't know how he could see to drive and that made it even worse.

I know I asked you all to pray for my kidneys and knees. My knees have been tight the last couple of days partly due to the fact that I'be baked them, and partly due to the fact they've been stuck in a car seat for 8 hours...hmmmm. The kidney/bladder issue was a surprise to me this week. I went to the doctor for a headache and stomach problem last week and they did a urine test to check on an existing kidney stone....they just said things looked fine other than the fact that I had some blood in my urine.....not so fine to me, but okay, they gave me something for the headache and the stomach so two out of three.....until we had been here for about 23 and half hours and I started having bladder spasms....only me, I know. Anyway the doctor called in some meds yesterday and they have started to help a bit. One of the side effects of one is that is seems to make my joints a little more stiff, and a side effect of the other is that it makes my urine green. No really, it does, neon green. I thought after the car ride today my khaki Dockers were gonna have a neon green stain all the way down the leg.

We stopped at a Wal-Mart in a town called Defuniak Springs today. If you ever think you've lived in a red neck town, I encourage you to visit this place. I thought I had grown up in such an area until today, but this place made the Wal-Mart where I'm from look like a debutaunt ball. More on that later, but for now, I gotta get some sleep.....we're on Mickey's time zone now!!

Love ya!


Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

Road trips with kids? That's why God created in-car DVD players! We only use ours for long trips, but it has been such a blessing for everyone - occupies and distracts the kids for a while and minimises the distractions for the driver.

Sorry to hear that you have had to go on your trip while unwell. I had to smile when you mentioned the neon green. Hope all continues to improve quickly so that you can enjoy your trip.

Robert Nelson said...

Yet some of us do own computers and read what others have to say about us.

Christi said...

Peeing Kermit is quite fun, although just in warning it can stain your undies (so can the vivid orange of the other stuff).