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Thursday, October 23, 2008

And what are you gonna be???

I noticed in both of the pictures of the girls below,they are dressed alike. My brother in law refers to this as our "uniform of the day". He thinks I am a little on the odd side for dressing them alike. I don't do it everyday. But, I would if I could. They'll only let me pick all of their clothes for so long, ya know.

I already have to battle with Little Miss Fashionista. She wants to change clothes at least 4 times a day. We have had to threaten to put a lock on her closet door because she changes clothes so many times. Her floor often looks like the one in the fitting room at Marshall's. Completely covered in hangers, and clothes, all wrong side out of course.

Then we have Sydney. Oddly enough she is the older one. She does NOT care what she has on. Does it match? Who cares! Is it too short? Who cares! Oh, she is just like me. Except I always spill food on myself. She is much neater than me. She is a tomboy kinda girl. Loves sports, animals, and being outside. But alas, I fear she is quickly getting to the age where she is gonna start to care about things such as clothes, and general appearance. Yesterday, after I taught science class at their Co-Op she sat me down and said, "Mommy, I really think that most of us in the class are a little too old for the whole 'get out your listening ears, and sit criss-cross applesauce' thingy, m'kay".......yeah, my bad. I'm sure she was right, what can I say? I've been teaching pre-schoolers for 6 years. Old habits die hard, but this one, especially hard. I actually teared up a little when she was finished. They grow up too fast.

We have been trying to decide what to "be" for Halloween, err Harvest celebration, or whatever. I don't' know what to call it anymore. I don't want to offend anyone. I don't want to set a bad example. We aren't celebrating anything evil, nor are we celebrating harvest. We really aren't celebrating anything. We just like to go to strangers houses and beg for carbs. I think I'll call it "Lookin' Cute for Candy Day". There, nothing offensive about that. Anyhoo, Sdy wants to be a vet...easy enough. Elly wants to be an X-ray....now, most people would call that a skeleton, but we are a bit sheltered in the area of spookiness here in our house, medical terms we are soooo familiar with. So, when she saw the skeleton outfit she said, "oh look! I want to be an X-ray!" Now today she walks in the room and wanted to know if I had a sheet she could borrow. I asked her why. She said she changed her mind and wants be, get this, wait for it......The Holy Ghost for Halloween "Lookin' Cute for Candy Day"!

I have a friend whose daughter busted her in the chinny chin, chin when she hit a plastic ball with a toy bat. I think she should be Babe Ruth. Cause you know, we should all be something that has just a little reflection of who we are. I think I'll be a washing machine.
See ya later.....


Melanie said...

Lady, you crack me up. My son wants to be a mummy but he wants me to buy a costume. I think that's so rediculous when I can just buy a few rolls of Scott's toilet paper and wrap him great.

I think we're gonna make the dog be a lampstand. Hop on over and take a look. I'm thinkin' I can add little pom-poms all around and a pull-string. Cute right?


Kim Sue said...

Holy Ghost...love it!

Tater Mama said...

The Holy Ghost?! I love it! That's pretty darn cute, Calista!