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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free SoBe and cheap Dr. Pepper!

I love cheap dranks dontcha know!! FYI....starting Sunday at Walgreen's they will have have $5 rr when you buy 3 12 packs at 3 for $11. This means 3 for $6 when it's all said and done...that's $2 a 12 pack folks...and I love me some Dr. Pepper!!

Also, CVS will have SoBe Water B1G1, so go to SoBe Lifewater and play the game every day for a chance to win a B1G1 coupon. (print it twice), that way they will both be FREE. Last time they ran this sale a month or so ago and I got 8 free SoBe Waters!

Went to Kroger today. Saved $81.29 and spent $29.74...savings of 76%!!!


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