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Monday, February 16, 2009

Follow up!

I went to the doctor for the follow up on my MRI today. I thought I would NEVUH get in. I have never been in a doctor's office that was SRO, really, it was at capacity. I was about to give an elderly woman my seat the average age of the patients in waiting was about 72!,when they called my name. As she lead me down the hall to the examining room I saw the big banner that said "Welcome to Memphis Orthopedics Sports Medicine" I laughed at this. When the doctor finally came in, I told him I hated to keep from his legion of athletes out in the waiting room and I hoped my visit wouldn't take long. He laughed at me, though I don't know if he was entertained or insulted. I would not have mentioned it except for the fact he told me that most of my problems came from my age....Hello? 39! Then he said it's only gonna get worse at 40! The reality of getting old, it stinks people.

Anyway, I'm having knee surgery on Wednesday. Yes, the day after tomorrow. I may be of the blog for a day or two after that. I'm sure I'll make up for it later!


The Farmer Files said...

LOL on your response to the dr. I am sure he was amused! I "blogged already!" You inspired me!

Kim Sue said...

take it easy!