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Monday, February 9, 2009

I really missed you blog!

Hey web peeps. I'm back!! It was a wonderful week. Thanks to those of you who sent me notes of encouragement for the fast and actually NOTICED I was gone. Thanks for that!! Our family did a lot of praying together, reading together, and a whole lot of playing games together. My four year old can beat my socks off at Uno. And instead of just giving you the Uno warning when she has one card left, she also yells "TUNO" when she has two. Original, no?

It's amazing how much you can get done in a week with no TV, no blog, and no facebook! I cleaned out the kids closets, and even my cook books and recipe collection. Was I ever really considering making a Standing Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding? I battled for a whole day and night trying to arrange stuffed animals. Webkinz, Build-A-Bears, etc. Some day one of my children will ask me why they can't go to a "good college" and I will hold out a tub of Build-A-Bear animals with full attire. Seriously, I will.

I redecorated Elly's room so that it is more big girl. Yes, you hear me sniffling. I'm lost somewhere on that street in Motherhood where you wish so badly for them to be able to bathe themselves and poor their own Kool-Aid, and at the same time wanting them to still be in a bouncy seat. I cry over this often. Angst, ugh!
Anyway, it had to be done. But Elly HATES change. Just like a cat. She wanted to have a big girl bed in her room. You know, a place to lay her dolls and spread out her books and so forth, 'cause she surenuff ain't plannin' on sleeping in it as long as I've got a King size pillow top in the next room over. The new bed called for a new bedspread of course, so off we went to hunt one down. After MUCH, MUCH, searching we ended up at Target of course. They had two really cute sets that I had a hard time choosing between. One of them was so cute and it had a rug and lamp to match. Obviously that was the one I wanted, 'cause why spend $60 and get what you came for when you could spend $125 and have a whole room full of stuff? Suddenly, Miss I hate change,(Maybe her next bedtime story should be Who Moved My Cheese?) got all worked up because she did not want to get a new lamp. She likes the one that went with her crib set. Now, she doesn't even remember the crib set, but she can't part with the lamp. She's crying and taking on, then she sees this stuffed fluffy pink pig wearing a tu-tu and says, "can I have that?" NO! It's as big as my bed pillow and besides, remember the problem I was having in paragraph two? No more animal room! Not to mention this thing is $18, do you want to go to a community college? Hubs looked at her and said, "if you had the piggy do you think you could let the old lamp go?" No he di-unt? "Yes" she said gleefully. "Since when do we negotiate with terrorists?" I asked. Since he's tired of standing in Target for two hours, he doesn't even have to answer, I can read his thoughts.

It's all pretty much done now. I ended up doing a few things in Syd's room as well. I'll try to have some pic's up this week.

I was trying to decide if I should watch last weeks American Idol and fill your in boxes with my nonsense about it, but really, I'm just thinkin' NO! I'll watch the ones this week and start from there. In fact, what I really should do is go to bed, that way I'll still be up when it comes on tomorrow night.
See ya!!


Kim Sue said...

wow! you had a seriously busy week. glad your back and just in time for more drama on AI tonight.

joann said...

I missed you. I even checked your blog daily just in case you broke. But I knew you wouldn't.