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Thursday, February 12, 2009

American Idol Chair Episode

Okay who wants to watch two hours of people sitting in chairs waiting to hear yes or no. Apparently ME!

Of course this took place in the reality TV mansion. How MANY reality TV shows are we gonna see this mansion in? Is this the only mansion they have access to? Anyway, there they sat perched on their thrones, waiting to decree yes or no to all the hopefuls. The top 36 that were predicted on yesterday's post was absolutely correct.
I think it was pretty ratty the way they pitted the buddies against each other. Only fitting though since they seemed to have the enemies against each other earlier on. I will say that this year the judges seem to be just as happy to have a personality as to have a talented singer. And by personality I don't mean congenial, I mean weirdo.

I know Tatiana has a good voice, that can't be denied. But I CAN NOT STAND THIS CHICK! The chick acts like she's making a Grammy acceptance speech after every performance. That loud obnoxious nervous laugh just causes my spine to jerk. Do they not staff a pharmacist? She needs some serious medication, if not her, then everyone else around her.

I was glad to see Nick/Norm make it through 'cause he is sooo stinkin' hilarious. I think I could watch him all day. When he said he would wash Simon's 20 cars or wear a bikini like bikini girl to get through, I snorted Dr. Pepper through my nose. He does make me laugh.

It was all pretty predictable. I was glad they let both the guys through at the end.
Now they will be performing in groups of 12. Let the fun begin!


Melanie said...

No kidding, the bikini girl line was so funny. I love this guy. Can't handle the cry babies/freak show aspect of it but I know they have to give people something to talk about the next day.

Melanie said...

Hey check it out.. Felicia Barton is BACK IN! Apparently, one of the contestants was ruled ineligible and out of all those people who got sent packin, they brought Felicia back! Whoo-hoo! I'm a happy girl.