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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Game night=Quality Family Time!

You guys know what a sap I am about the girls growing up. I would keep them toddlers fo-evah! BUT, one thing I have been looking forward to was being able to play games. I love to play games. For those of you don't know me well, I can be a little competitive. Any way, we got a new game this week. Called Acting Out, it's so much fun to watch them play this game. It says from ages 7 and up, but I just read the card to Elly and she can play along with Sydney. You have to pull one card that has a sound named on it, and another that has an activity on it, and you have act/sound them out simultaneously. They have a blast, and quite frankly I've about spewed soda outta my nose watching them play. It's definitely a girlie game. It would be fun at a sleep over. There were a few cards that I had to take out because they would not understand them, but overall it's a really fun game!! It gets three snaps!! You can get it at HERE. And that, my friends is our review!!

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