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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey peeps! I am almost unpacked. Truth told I spent most of the day today finishing up a book I had started in the just before we left the gulf. So, I could have been done but instead I'm a day behind. Oh well, call it a relapse into vacation mode.

I am so glad the Michael Jackson--funeral/memorial/worship/tribute, is finally over. This has lasted since June TWENTY-FIFTH people. I mean absolutely no disrespect what.so.ever, but I hate to see a mere person literally worshipped. But I believe they finally laid him to rest today, somewhere unrevealed to the public at this time. Sounds like something I may have read before.....hummmmmmmm.

It has been a sad week for sure in the entire entertainment and sports industry. What last week with the latest episode of NFL:CSI. That was truly a sad case. I feel terrible sorry for Mr. McNair's wife and children who are left to deal with not only the loss of a father/husband but the cloud of mystery and confusion and frustration they are left to deal with and defend. Sad times, sad times.

The fact remains that God is on His throne and He is listening. These are people who need our prayers. Though we don't know them, and they are out of our physical reach, our prayers can touch their lives in ways we'll never know this side of Heaven. So join with me please.

Talk more soon!


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The Farmer Files said...

LOL but I do feel a little relief for Kate Gosselin. I think she caught a break with the whole MJ coverage.