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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hey Peeps. I thought I would check in before bed. It was a pretty calm day here at the Witness household. For the most part the inmates cleaned up, and played fairly well together with only one fight worth breaking up, and no home made weapons were involved, unless, of course, you take into consideration the Wii Baseball Bat.

I believe this brief lull in fighting could be due in part to the possibly broken foot of the *Notorious E.L.L.Y. who broke bad on Sydney last night and kicked her so hard she mangled her own foot. No, No, not really. She wasn't actually trying to hurt her, THIS time. They were playing soccer with a balloon, BARE FOOTED, and Elly missed the balloon and kicked Sydney in the shin, really hard. Elly is not the one in our house given to epic over dramatized injuries. She usually screams, the jumps up and takes off running. So, you can understand my concern when she let out that long "silent" scream, where the mouth is open, and the lips have turned blue from a lack of oxygen, and you're still waitin' for the sound to come out. She would not walk for the rest of the night, and even asked to go to bed. When she woke up this morning, she was much better, but still limping, so I think she may have just jammed a couple of her toes. I would like to think we could go an entire week without visiting their doctor's office.

Speaking of which....I go to the gastrologist tomorrow. I have no idea why. The pain that comes and goes in my lower abdomen caused my GYN doctor to suggest crack exploration a colonscopy. Instead of just scheduling the stinkin' test, pun intended, they called me to set up a consultation with the gastrologist before scheduling the exam. I am assuming of course, that the prior consultation is a direct result of the fact that it's Christmas time and the doc's got one or five kids he's buying for and needs the extra cash. I will keep you posted on the glorious events to follow.

*props to ya, Riley

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All Rileyed Up said...

Word to the Notorious!

Good luck on the colonoscopy. You appear to be keeping a very good sense of humor about it. Much better than how I would have handled it.