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Friday, November 14, 2008

And exactly why is it that......

...we can make artificial hearts, send people into space, store the worlds technology on a micro-chip the size of a pin head, and yet we can't make lettuce that tastes like chocolate? I am in bad need of loosing some weight. But I don't want to give up comfort food. Or exercise. I just want to take a nice little pill, go to sleep and wake up skinny. Tell me why that can't happen.

Consider all the other technology. I don't need a faster computer. I don't need a phone the size of the back of my earring. How am I supposed to hold something that little anyway? I just want a skinny pill. This clearly shows us that men are still in charge of the technical universe, 'else the priorities would be so different. If women were the technical gurus, we'd all have purses with churning devises that automatically brought everything from the bottom to the top each time you opened them. And refrigerators that suggested recipes based on what they had inside. You could just fill 'em with all kinds of rich foods, hit a button and it would suggest some wonderful recipe. Who could care less how fattening it might be, because you'd have the skinny pill when you were through. Now THAT'S technology I'd pay for.

Speaking of technology, some came to our house this week. I'm sure all of you have had the Tivo, DVR bidness going on in your house for a while now. But being a bit slow on the go, we got it this week. It is sooo cool. We can pause and fast forward live T.V. I may actually be able to watch television again. I have been without it for so long, I don't know what to think. We have not even been able to watch some really benign shows, just because the commercials were so bad. Now we don't have to worry about that any more. I won't have to cringe every time they advertise for another over the top drug company. Apparently every medication since Bayer Aspirin causes sexual dysfunction for pity's sake.

I used to know a girl who said she thought as long as you taught your kids your values, it was crazy to try to shield your kids from the stuff on television, because it was stuff of real life and they needed to get used to it. Yeah, I guess that's kinda true, in a thinking your kids will be okay running around in a room full of infectious disease patients because they took their Flintstones vitamins, kinda way. So, I'm glad to have the new technology, even if it doesn't make me skinny, or help me plan meals.

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