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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Poem #1

I am a writer of sappy poetry. I have been since I was around 12. I am no sonnet queen, no haiku diva, iambic pentameter pish posh....but sometimes the voices in my head speak in rhyme, when they do, I write it down....don't worry, I'm only kidding, sort of.......

Anyway, here is one I wrote for my Christmas cards last year.....

There was no room to be found at the Inn,
But is there room in your heart for Him?

He came to this world, lowly and meek,
to offer compassion and grace to the weak.
Not a bed of soft comfort, but a manger with hay,
was offered to our King, that first Christmas Day.

God's perfect gift, to all of mankind,
Heaven's treasure on earth, was ours to find.
From a throne to a stable, from the stable to the cross,
Living and dying to pay for sin's cost.

He is knocking once more,
This time at your door,
Your heart is the Inn,
Is there room for Him?

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Melanie said...

Love It!!! By the way, love the new layout. Looks vaguely familiar somehow...hmmmm...