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Friday, December 26, 2008

Thankfully, no one needed stitches!

Tell me peeps, why is it that we have gold stored in vaults, being guarded 24/7 when we could just package the stuff in clam shell toy packages?!!! I can't believe the twist ties, zip ties, plastic clamps and wires that is used in this death-to-the-thieves blister packaging that holds everything from a Dora toothbrush to Barbie in her box. I even had to open one toy that was screwed, yes screwed, to a thick cardboard base. That one sent me into full on wrap rage. That plastic is so sharp and hard to open it's insane. ....."Yes, 911, I have an emergency, my husband just amputated his hand opening up My Little Pony." I can't believe a manufacturer hasn't been sued for dismemberment. Besides if you don't lose a finger with the packaging, you will with one of the tools involved in opening the things up.

What about you all? Did you all have a great Chrismtas? The girls had a blast. Elly was so excited she went from present to present screaming with glee over everything. Each gift was "smazactly what she wanted." I took tons of pictures but if you know me, you know they aren't on the computer yet. I hope to get them on here soon. I also hope to get the Christmas background off the blog before Valentine's Day, but don't hold your breath.

I have tons to blog about, but feel the need to sleep right at this moment, so off I go. G'night


tatertales said...

Sista -- two or three of Tater Tot's toys were screwed into/onto their packaging. COULD. HAVE DIED. No manufacturer should package things so that the parents feel the need to curse so loudly that it wakes the children. At one point my husband declared, "I'll never buy another &(#$(*$ thing from these *$&&#$$ people."


Other than that, we had a lovely day.

beckyjomama said...

I am telling you - I got a ped egg in my stocking and was more excited about the fact that it had a tearaway feature to it's hard plastic container than I was about the ped egg itself! Hubby laughed 'cause I kept saying that whoever thought that up was a genuius! GENIUS, I tell ya, GENIUS!

I have blisters from those stupid twistie things!