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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol

Did you watch AI last night?Last night was country night, usually not my fave which is odd since I grew up in a house filled with country music. The fact is they usually butcher in on this show, but what a night! Randy Travis was their coach and he did a great job, he seems like a kind, geniune, down to earth kinda guy. I think any of these people could win. I hope it's not Adam or Megan though. He belongs in a circus in theater, and she needs to star in an episode of Miami Ink or, be in a circus. She is too quirky which is what they like about her, and he is just plan yucky as far as I'm concerned. He gives me the creeps. He sang burning ring of fire with some Mid East/Egyptian twangning in the background. I half expected someone to come out with a jackyl mask on and serve shishkabobs, just plain ole weird. I was tickled when Randy Travis told him that he wasn't used to guys with nail polish and didn't know what to think about that.
Of course my favorite as usualy was Danny Gokey. He can sing anything. I really enjoyed his song. He sang Jesus Take the Wheel, and I was worried when I heard that, but I was impressed. Pualer was fully recovered from last week, when she was so clearly freshly botoxed. Her face wouldn't even move AT ALL. She was frightening. Last night she and Simon were at each other's throats. She was making stupid comments, which may or may not of had anything to do with the how glossy her eyes were, and Simon was sick of it. They stormed out different doors before one of the commercial breaks, but made up quickly.
I can't wait to see who goes home tongiht!!!



beckyjomama said...

The real shocker was Kris - he rocked that song!!!! I was im-pressed and I really had no opinion of him til last night, but WOW!!!

calista said...

Yes, I a am so glad he didn't go home tonight!