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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey Internet people!

It's been so long since I made a post I had a hard time remembering how to do it. It's been a wild couple of weeks around here, and I had to put the blog on the back burner. You may not have even noticed I was gone..sob, sob.(needy moment)
We had a Global Impact Conference at our church this past week featuring missionaries from all over the world. It was a really great experience. I learned so much I did not know, or had ever really thought about. My heart was stirred so deeply for people all around the world. It was really a blessing.

We are trying to get all of our lessons done by the first week in May. We are planning our trip to head to the gulf for a month and I would like to have a few days after we get finished with school before we have to leave. So there you have it,,,full schedule, but I've missed you, even though I talk to both of you who read this almost every day. So I guess what I'm saying is, my computer missed your computer.

Yesterday Sydney had a birthday party to go to and Elly was really wanting some Mommy time. So Tracy, my sweet sweet husband(if my sister is reading this she is laughing so hard her side hurts right now) took Sydney to yet another birthday party for me. Elly had a list longer than my leg of things she wanted for us to do "togeva" in the three hours they were gonna be gone. "I wanta paint our toes, make cookies, do cwafts, play dolls, and dressup, and cutter,(color)."....When we were through I needed a nap.
Of course I had to take some pictures of our day....

She is so hard at work here, concentrating on each brush stroke. Notice her fancy United Way pin on her "dress". I tell you, only the finest jewelry for the Patterson fam!

When she said, "paint your toes" folks she obviously meant it literally. It looks like I've played a barefoot extra on the set of Carrie.

We made some really good pink princess fairy cookies. (Thanks Eden!)

And lastly, she wanted to play dwess up wiff mommy's make up. She opted for the dramatic evening look. Obviously I helped her with her eyes, because I didn't want to make any trips to the ER. Of course as soon as I finished her new look, I remembered we had church in two hours and I had to scrub it all off. But not before we had "cookies and tea". I love being a girl momma.

Well, I am off to bed. I plan on trying to get back to talking to you daily.
See ya!!



Ms Cupcake said...

How pretty in pink!

Checking in from SITS. Wishing you a beautiful week. My best. Zen Cupcake

JLI said...

Oh my goodness! Your poor toes! That's what my right hand looks like when I paint it with my left. "When" meaning, the one time a year I get an itch to put color on my nails. :-) I love her concentration though..she worked hard at it!

beckyjomama said...

How fun - I have had that manicure ... and wouldn't trade it fro any I have paid for ever!


PS - I did miss you - welcome back!!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Calista, I added you to the list this morning and can't remember if i told you that I did! Glad you're doing this!

Kim Sue said...

okay, see, we were THIS close to actually meeting each other IN PERSON! I saw your sweet little one at the birthday party and I went up to the hostess with the mostess and said "is that Calista's daughter?" yep. and guess who I was standing right next to when I asked, yep your sweet hubby. Did he tell you that some crazy blog stalker was looking for you?