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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yay!! my stitches are out. I went back to the doctor yesterday and he thought I was walking VERY well for two weeks out. I have PT now three times a week for three weeks. He said this kind of temporary fix will sometimes buy patients two to five years before knee replacement. I prayin' for 10. Or better yet that I will never need one, that God will heal it without medicine. However, if that's His plan, then I know he will work it all out perfectly. I'm just glad to have the pesky stitches gone, because they were catching on everything.

I watched AI last night. I'm not entertained by it anymore. Of course I can't tear myself away from it. I'm compelled to watch it. I just hate the way they are doing the thing this year. I have to say, as much as I poke fun at Pauler, I think she is a far better judge than Randy or Kara. Just the fact that she remembers what they did the week before impresses me. None of the other do. Hence, the conflicting judgements each week. One week they're told to sing a balled so we can connect with their serious sides, the next week they are scorned for being too serious. Hello? Who trained these judges Sybil?(if you're under 35 ask your mom who Cybil is)

I could think of a million goofy, negative things to say about Nancy boy Nathanial and all his drama invoking tears, but really, my heart goes out to this boy. I can't watch him without praying for him. Therefore, make fun of him I can not do. ...how's that for Yoda speak?

I will say that faves from last night were Ju'Not, who reminds me a little of Chikezie from last year, and Lil' Rounds or Felicia Barton. I hope those three make it though tonight. I really DO NOT like Von Smith, he's just odd to me. Don't like his voice, style, or songs. He looks like Donnie Osmond.

For all of you out there who watch The Bachelor, I offer my condolences. I do not watch the show, but I have heard the stories.

Well, I have to leave for the library now before send a search party for their books.
See ya!

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