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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coupon Organization

Organization is key in successful couponing. I've tried numerous methods for organizing my coupons. Everything from the box method, to having them in envelopes by store, or carrying them around in little accordion coupon holders in my purse. These methods may work great for you, but the binder method works best for me. With the binder method, I have all of my coupons with me ALL the time. I can see them, I don't have to DIG through to find them. It makes it MUCH better. Here are some pictures of my binder.

I bought this binder in the fall last year marked down to $3.

I keep a pen and a little pair of fold out scissors to clip any coupons that I may come across at the last minute.

I have a clear view zipper pouch up front that I keep rainchecks and store coupons(rr rewards/catalinas/ECBs)in. This way I don't forget about them since most of these expire rather quickly. On the left there is a three section accordion that is sized perfectly for shopping ads, and grocery lists, etc.

I downloaded my dividers from Krazy Coupon Lady.

My coupons are in baseball card holders that I bought for $5.77 a pack.
Lastly, I used "Post It" stick on tabs for labels to keep them in order according to the table of contents. I adjusted the contents to fit my needs. For example, I didn't need a baby section.....Thank you, Krazy Coupon Lady for making this available.

This is the only method I found that didn't leave me completely frustrated, standing in the isle with a stack of coupons going through them over and over trying to find a particular one.
I know it may look cumbersome, but it's so worth it.


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