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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Target Freebies today!

Today I made a run to Target in Olive Branch. I usually go there because they have a grocery section. The fact that they have a Starbucks has NOTHING to do with it.....Anyway today was a good Target day.

They had the 16 oz Wishbone Italian on sale (unadvertised) for $1.50. I had the Target Q for .75 and a manufacturer Q for .75 so it was free. The ChefBoyRDee was on sale, also unadvertised for .82 and they have a printable on their site for $1 off 1 can, so it was free as well. You can get two prints for most of their coupons, then you have reached your limit and they remove it from your menu of Q's...I had a coupon from Kraft for the Free Mac and Cheese, sign up at Kraft First Taste, it takes a little time in the beginning, but SOOO worth it. They have sent me FREE Q's for many items.
I was also able to score Bagel Bites for .24 per box. They are on sale for $2.24 and there was a printable at Target for $1, I also had a manufacturer Q for $1, so that makes it .24. I was surprised that the Campbell's Select Harvest Soup Bowls were also on sale for $1.50 and there was a Target Q for .50 I added to the $1 Q I got from Campbell's Kitchen, for which you may sign up HERE! They usually have a variety of Q's that changes regularly. Just sign up and log in, click the savings tab.
I had Free coupons for the SoBe water from the game on their website. You can still play HERE! Elly loves this stuff and it has less sugar than Kool-Aid or soda and it's free,,,so sounds like a win/win to me. All of the items I purchased are not pictured. I only photograph FREE items. My total savings on my bill was 71%. I shoot for anything over 50%, so I was pleased.

When you're at Target, always browse the back isle end caps. They have tons of unadvertised mark downs. Today I found Biore' facial cleanser and Clean and Clear Morning Burst, both marked down to $2.48. With coupons, it was nearly free. Always keep your coupons with you at all times so that when you come across a clearance item you don't have to pout all the way home about how you could've gotten it for free if only you'd had your coupons.....not that I would do that or anything.

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