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Sunday, August 22, 2010

New links and new Target printables

I've added several coupon sites to the "I heart these blogs" section in the sidebar. There are a lot of new Target printables on their website, which you can also access from the sidebar. Target will take one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon per item. This is how I got free razors last week.
I just got through printing my Target q's (coupons) and I was thrilled to see they have reloaded the one for $1/1 Bagel Bites. The also have one for $1/1 Chef BoyRDee that makes it FREE. They have $1/1 DelMonte fruit cups, that makes it .97... There is also a $1/1 for Kid's Cuisine and they are on sale for $1.75, so it will be .75...there are some hot ones that can be doubled with a manufacturer Q for free salad dressing and cheap detergent as well. Just go look and then check your coupon stash. I bet you can match a lot of these up.
(a side note...on the Target coupons it states that they will only do ONE identical offer per transaction, you can do separate transactions, or whatevah...you figure it out. BUT, I will say that I have never had them tell me that I couldn't use two of their identical coupons to buy two identical items. I think the wording may just be a bit confusing on this. You can try it and if they say no, smile and be polite, and get it next time...)
For more deals click on over to Totally Target!


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