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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Let's Go Krogering....

Today, I went to Kroger. My bill was $116.45, but I paid $46.05, and the manufacturer's paid for the rest.

Okay...Time for true confessions! I was a shopper who made a list of needs for the week, thumbed through the Sunday paper and clipped what coupons I thought would go with it and then headed to the store only to find that once my coupon was redeemed I would still be better off to just buy the store brand. Those were sad times people.
I didn't have a CLUE what I was doing.

Who doesn't have a Kroger card? I think everyone in the central part of the United States has one. They are HANDY. You can load couopons DIRECTLY onto your Kroger card and never cut one out again...but you'll want to before I'm done. First, here is a list and link to the places from which you can load coupons directly to your Kroger card:
Kroger.com That's right. You can go to their own website and choose coupons to load directly to your card.

At each of these sites you will need to register your Kroger card number, found on the back of your card. I have never received junk mail, or a phone call or text from any of these sites. I have, however, saved a ton of money using their coupons.
Once you have loaded the coupons on your card they will automatically come off when the cashier scans your Kroger card. There is no need to even mention it to the cashier, because they don't have to do anything. The fun part is that you can ALSO use a paper coupon for the same product. AND MY KROGER DOUBLES up to .60. So you can very likely get some FREE or really cheap items. Here is an example:
Kroger had these on sale in their buy 8 get $4 off promotion this week...That would make them .69 each. $2.76 for all four....

I had 3 coupons loaded on my Kroger card from varios e-coupon sites listed above. I had two q's loaded for .50 off, and another loaded for .75 off this took $1.75 off immediatly. Then I had 2 paper coupons for .50 off one. They doubled both of these, and then I had a coupon for .75 off of two, so I saved $2.75 in paper coupons. So the total I owed for these before coupons was 2.76, when I was done, they owed me $1.74....which was just applied to the rest of my grocery bill. Not only were they FREE, they were a money maker.
Now get off of here and go register your Kroger card!!

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