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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Registering for Coupons....

Have you ever been out with your friends and some loser won't leave you alone? Finally you give him your friend's number a fake number so he'll buzz off.....Well, you might want to do a version of that with all of the companies you are going to sign up to receive coupons from. Not really your phone number, but with your email address. It's easy to make a new email address, you can do it through Yahoo, Gmail, or many others. Make it something impersonal and don't give it to anyone except the companies you are registering with. That way your personal mail box does not get bombarded, and you can log on to your "fake" address only when you want to check for coupons and special offers. In the posts to follow, I'll be naming companies, and giving links where you can sign up for Q's.
Happy Couponing!


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