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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

AI Kansas City.........

Can we please ban "Over The Rainbow" and "Heard It Through The Grapevine" I mean pulease. How many songs have there been on the top 40 in the last 40 years and we have to hear these same two ovuh and ovuh!!

Tonight we started out with a teeny bopper who thought she had the worlds most powerful voice. I believe her quote was "when I open my mouth people are in disbelief at the powerful voice that comes out"....when we hear this on AI, we can only imagine how bad it's gonna be...and it was. Honey, it's not the powerful voice they're in disbelief over.....
No where near a Golden Ticket

Jason Castro from last year brought his strange little brother to audition this year. Dude, you were number 4 last year, use it. Quit babysitting and get something done. His little brother was not too bad and his voice had that familial resemblance, I'd love to hear them sing together 'cause I'm a choir geek like that.
Golden Ticket

Then there was Vaughn Smith. He was an odd looking character in a Donnie Osmond sorta way. Kara thought he had big instrument. Okay ummm, err, just, NO COMMENT.
Golden Ticket

Did anyone catch the dude in the yellow and orange suit with the funny dance singin' about bananas. Clearly PeeWee Herman was his fashion consultant.
Need I say it? No Golden Ticket.

In comes Matt from Oklahoma, just a short drive away from the ole KC. Had a bluesy voice and I liked his rendition of "Every Time She Goes Away".....Don't know how far it'll get him, but he got a...
Golden Ticket

Then there was Jazz.....Jasmine. Pick a color any color, just pick a color for your hair!! And don't sing ever, ever, again.
No Ticket

I liked Jessica Page Verning who lives in KS with her 93 year old Grandma. Mostly because I have a 90 year old Grandma in KS too.....but she did have a good voice. I usually tend to question the vocal capabilities(don't I sound professional?) of someone who chooses a Janice Joplin song for their audition. Because well, you tend to pick a song that best showcases your range, and control in a situation like this...or not...anyway...
Golden Ticket

Props to the rapping sisters Asia and India. Maybe next season we can see their siblings Africa and Kenya.
Asia no ticket.
India, Golden Ticket

Jamar who yelled "California Dreaming" got through. Now I'm just bewildered.....
Golden Ticket

Anupe AKA Noop Dawg, I'm guessing he's from India. Not what anyone expected to come from him. Not a mind blowing vocal, but good enough to get through. I think we should have some humor from Randy with Noop Dawg.....we'll see...
Golden Ticket

There was the girl from Hickory Hood not too far from here, that had been through the tornado last year. I felt sorry for her. She had a big voice. I think her name was Lil. Don't know if that's Lil as in short for Lillian or 'Lil, as in short for little.....just sayin'
Golden Ticket

Last but not least there was Michael Nicewonder whose own mother tried to tell him he couldn't sing and not to go on there. But he did anyway, and cried a river when they turned him down. Dude was wearing a medal around his neck from chorus in Intermediate School, I'm sure there is a chemical imbalance present here somewhere....
I think they gave him a ticket back home....

Poor, poor Mia. The sleepy Janitorial Engineer (do the contestants make up these titles or does the staff at AI?) who woke up just in time to screech in such a way that caused me to want to stick needles in my ears. Then she called down the wrath of God on the judges for not letting her through.
Bus ticket

This is by no means all of the contestants from tonight, but they are the ones that stuck out in my mind. Towards the end of the show they had the usual run down of the nights biggest losers and did y'all catch the reincarnated Mr. Ed, singing "Signed Sealed Delivered" Those teeth need their own apartment. MAN!!

I still don't have a favorite. We'll see what happens next week. From the previews, it looks like there will be blog fodder a plenty.....

See ya tomorrow.

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beckyjomama said...

Girl, you nailed it! All of it! Especially the technicolored honey who should "never, ever sing again" ... that one made me laugh out loud!