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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol San Francisco

I found tonight's AI a bit boring. Is it just me, or is Randy in a bad mood this season? And Ryan doesn't banter with the folks like he used to. Oh well, tonight we opened up with the Psychic Friends poster girl and laughing hyena, Tatiana DelToro.
I CAN.NOT.BELIEVE she is going to Hollywood. She thought she was the best thing that ever set foot on their stage. I can't wait for her to go toe to toe with bikini girl from last week when they get to Hollywood. They only sent 12 people through from San Francisco and the fact that she was one of them leaves me speechless. And I have one question, if her psychic friend knew who would be in the top 12, why didn't she just go ahead and tell her who's gonna win?
Golden Ticket

Nick Reed was interesting. I don't know if you call that beat boxing or what. But it was entertaining in a frightening sorta way.

Did y'all see Sofa jacket boy? Dean Anthony Bradford. He looked like a character from Planet Of the Apes. STRANGE.

Then there was Jes`us Valensuala....his voice was okay at best, but his cute boys were too much for the female judges. Even Simon gave one of them a hug....
Golden Ticket, by way of guilt..

Akuila Iskew Gholston was by far the most entertaining of everyone auditioning tonight. She brought with her a complete diagram of the human body. At a loss here. She was studying how to be a better singer. Still at a loss. She kept telling Ryan she was singing from her trachea pronounced by her as tray-she-uh......then when she messed up on her song, she said she was singing from the wrong rectum....yes ma'am that is what she said. I had to rewind it 5 times to make sure, but that IS what she said. And a couple of the judges caught it and were laughing so hard they missed the next line when she said, "you have to sing from your lagenical cartilages," as she rubbed her groin area. I believe I snorted out loud somewhere around that last statement. The judges have to laugh themselves silly when they see some of this stuff in replay. Akuila went on to say that she didn't get a Golden Ticket because she was nervous and the judges "irackatated her."

There were a couple of high lights of people who could actually you know SING, when we saw John Twiford, and Adam Lambert who both had good voices, and got coveted golden tickets. But Kai Kalama y'all.....I got all weepy when he called his sick Mamma that he's been takin' care of to tell her he got a golden ticket. And the fact that they were playing Mercy Me singing I Can Only Imagine in the background just did me in.

That's it for now!! See ya tomorrow!

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4 J's said...

I did not get the "I Can Only Imagine" in the background...Did I miss something. How did that go with getting Golden Ticket?

But the diagram girl was by far the funniest thing I have seen!