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Thursday, January 8, 2009

If you can't get a job at the Taco Bell Drive thru...

...then I'm sure you can hire on at AOL doing some reporting. I was reading an article there today about the happenings during the Bush administration. They mentioned that the "events of September 9, 2001 set apart his presidency." Yeah, apparently tea and crumpets with Tony Blaire was the pinnacle of the whole 8 years. What kind of breath taking moron writes this stuff? Do they even bother to edit it AT.ALL? Even my 7 year old, who was two months old at the time, knows it was September 11. Clearly they are hiring Rhodes Scholars to fill there editorial positions.

On to better things....do either one of you watch American Idol? I DO. I Can't wait.
Season Premiere January 13th and 14th at 7 central....set your DVR's now people!! There is nothing I like better than watching the auditions while I unleash fiery sarcasm cheer on the contestants. My play by plays will be on each week my friends.

Thought I would leave you with something to ponder this evening. Today in our Language class we discussed that if you were full of cheer, you were cheerful. If you were full of grace, you were graceful. If you were full of joy, then you were joyful. What if you're full of cr@p?

***no mom, we don't use that word.


The Farmer Files said...

Now crap wasn't part of the -ful lesson, was it? LOL.

beckyjomama said...

Un-Be-Stinkin'-Lievable! They got the date wrong and no one caught it?!?!?!?!?


All Rileyed Up said...

Maybe there was something *really* special in that crumpet he ate on September 9th... :)