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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol Salt Lake City

...yes Randy, it's in Utah. Tonight 13 got through to Hollywood. I was only impressed with a couple of them. After tonight's show I am certain of four things,
A. Simon though harsh, always speaks the truth.
B. Pauler will NEVER go against Kara, and rarely against Randy.
C. Pauler really does need a fashion consultant. Was that a K-Mart turtle neck she was wearing? In late July?
D. The blind woman who cut my husband's hair a few months ago, has recently cut Simon's.

Tonight we met David Osmond, son of Alan Osmond from the Osmond Brothers. He had a nice voice. Very likable guy. My only question in a situation like this is...."do ya not know enuff folks in the 'biz' to help ya get started without this?"
Golden Ticket

Next up Tara Matthews who screeched "One Day I'll Fly Away" in her wonderful bondage inspired outfit that was six and half sizes too small. It was all just horrible.
Fly away THIS day!

Then there was Lamb girl audition part two with Aleesha Turner. Let the bleating begin....

Katie Sulivan STUNK

Remember Rich Kable the long haired hippie guy trapped in 1975. Apparently he was trying to channel Jim Morrison. His eyes were so wild looking they were frightening.

There was the guy with the friend in the bunny suit, his name was Chris something. Really dude, you tried too hard. I think he would have stood a chance if it hadn't been for the bunny. They've let worse through this year for sure.

Yet again, just as I was ready to turn off the pukefest, along came Frankie Jordan. She looks like that poor misled Amy Winehouse minus the crack. I know it's easy to make fun of people like that, but really, I pity her. This girl had a distinctive voice. She's gonna be one to watch.
Golden Ticket!

Next, Megan Corkey...Simon liked her a lot. She had a voice that carried you back to the woodstock days. He said she was his fave so far, but we've heard him say that before only to hear him bash them the next week in HW. Not my fave, not that you care, but it's my blog. We'll see how far she goes.
Golden Ticket!

DID NOT LIKE the presumptuous teenage boy "Austin President of my high school class." Where did he find these songs? NONE of the judges even knew them. Simon didn't like him either, but Randy gave it the "yo-dawg" and Kara said okay, and of course Pauler can't think on her own so he's going to HW. If he makes it pass the first week I'll be surprised.
Golden Ticket!

Taylor Vaifanua was next. She is 16 and looks 28. That's great if your trying to get into One Eyed Jacks on Friday night, but when your 30 you're gonna be saaaad baby! She could sing! Had a GREAT song too.
Golden Ticket!

Rose Flack was up with her soulful HUGE voice. She obviously goes barefoot all the time. Okay, this just creeps me out. You could see the bottom of her feet as she walked away and they were black. Buy some soap, then some shoes, 'cause that's just nasty. This girl has an old soul but after what all she's been through losing both of her parents before age 16 who wouldn't?
Golden Ticket!

Okay Idol, I am a softy. A compassionate person most all of the time. Snarky? Yes, but compassionate. Having said that......if I want cheese I'll order a pizza. Stop with all the sappy, cheesy, sob stories. I know they are sad if they are true, but it's really been over done this year. Don't insult us, and don't play on our emotions, m'kay? M'kay.

It's on again tomorrow night and then next week starts the Hollywood week. It looks like there's gonna be a lot of drama. I would not do well there. I can't take a lot of whining and complaining. We'll see how it all turns out...



beckyjomama said...

The worst is when they tell you the sad tale and then the person stinks it up in frot of the judges and doesn't even make it through! But now you're all invested in the story so you get all sad for 'em ... HATE when that happens!

And, yeah, the Osmond kid couldn't get a deal some other way? Wassup wit dat?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet young Rose washes the bottoms of her feet more often than you wash the bottoms of your shoes. Seriously, why pick on her for going barefoot? Feet get air, light and much-needed exercise that way, and the surface dirt that upsets you so much washes right off. Personally, I think a knee-jerk, judgmental attitude is much nastier than walking around barefoot. And so are some shoes, for that matter.