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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

American Idol In Kentucky!

Let's start with the stats. Tonight AI was in Kentucky. They had roughly 11,000 there to audition and they sent 19 through. CRAZY ODDS. Apparently in these one hour episodes the first half is the first day of auditions and obviously the last half hour is the second day. I am no fashion maven but Paula, or Pauler as Simon calls her, needs help. She's clearly having an identity crisis. The first day she looked like one of your matronly school teachers. The one that always wore the polyester shirts that buttoned up to her ears. For me it was Mrs. Blackburn in 11th grade American History, but I digress. As usual. The next day she wore her hair down and what appeared to be something out of Paris Hilton's Goodwill bag. She can't decide if she's 61 or 16.

The night began with Ryan in the heart of Churchill Downs Race Track. Only he somehow forgot where he was and motioned as if he was throwing out a baseball in the intro. It's okay Ryan, all that lush grass in KY can make anyone feel like they're standing on astroturf. The first contestant up was Tiffany ? Didn't catch her last name. This chick had on so much blue eye shadow it looked like her gall bladder had exploded. And her Momma who was soooo proud of her and thought she had the best voice in the world, needed to take the money they spent traveling to the Blue Grass state and spend it some good hair color for baby girl, 'cause Clorox is just not her color.

Up next, Joanna Paciti. This is one to watch. She had a good voice. Pretty girl. Stage presence, etc. She was in over 100 episodes of the musical Annie when she was 11. She apparently had a failed record deal with A&M Records, and Kara called her out on it. That was a pretty smart thing to do. They obviously had it planned ahead of time to avoid a debacle like last year when it was made public that Carly had a previous failed record deal. Don't know the story behind it, but I'm sure we'll hear about it. I expect the rumors will start flying right, about, now...
Golden Ticket

Oh Mr. Mudd, you are so misunderstood. I think this was just a country nice guy. I don't think he was trying to threaten the judges at all. He was just saying "thanks y'all, be careful out there" lines often heard in the South, but the city folks didn't get it and thought they were being threatened. I say it all the time. I hope y'all don't feel threatened by me. Anyway, homeboy couldn't sang a lick, as my Gramps would've said.

Did ya get to see Brent Smith? The young girls will like him. Apparently Pauler and Kara did. Simon said he was "buskerish." Look that one up. I couldn't find a definition anywhere. Nobody in my hood says "buskerish" but from what I gather it means throaty, sorta gruff, if you know what it means please leave a comment and enlighten a sista. Decent voice.
Golden Ticket

Oh my stars. Obionekanobe...or whatever her name was...or as my 7 year old referred to her, "the girl with the lamb voice" ba-a-a-a-a-a
Then there was another sorry dude, Will something, HORRIBLE, then Ryan Willborough, what was up with him? The monochromatic look. Who paints themselves up like a zebra. After that pathetic trifecta I was almost ready to turn off the DVR. Then came...

Matt Giraud, the piano man. His voice was good, not knock your socks off impressive but good. Like Simon, he reminded me of Elliot, whom I liked. But please, no Donny Hathaway songs, not every time anyway. It just gives the air of a lounge singer.
Golden Ticket!

I'm not even gonna mention the geek who tried to learn to sing by watching YouTube....(not by name anyway) but it was funny when he drank all of Pauler's water.

Alexes Grace was from Memphis. She was a young single mother. Out of 11,000 people it is hard for me to believe she was one of the best, but the judges liked her, I wish her luck.
Golden Ticket!

Lenicia Young was the last one to sing. It was an original, boy I'll say. I didn't care for it....maybe I'm too old to appreciate a song that mentions "how she likes his thugish ways"......
Golden Ticket

There were several singers who were actually good. We just didn't get to see them. They had soundbites toward the end of the show. They were all holding Golden Tickets, so I guess we'll see them in HW.

That's all for this week. Keep your DVR's on ready. G'night!!


beckyjomama said...

"clorox is not her color" ... Oh, Girl, you do make me giggle! And once again, spot on with your review. But the Mud due, he was a TAD scary ... just a tad... Given the family history and all, well I wouldn't wanna go limping in front of him!

calista said...

Okay, so I was apparently way off mark on the def for buskerish. I still don't get how someone can "sound" buskerish. Oh well, when you're Simon Cowell, you don't have to make sense.