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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank you LORD, for watching over me even when I am an idiot!

I know I haven't blogged much lately except for the AI posts which don't really count I guess. But it seems I've had so much going on that it's been hard to justify the time really. So I'll try to catch up on a few random things.

1.The indoor soccer season is over. Syd's team finished on top with NO losses. She scored in all games but two and had a great time playing. Today was our end of the season party. I'll honestly miss it.

2.I think I am gonna let my hair grow out back to it's old style from a few months ago. As I mentioned before, you may recall, my hair grows faster than a chia-pet. Therefore when I get it cut it looks bad for a few days, then I have good hair for about 1.7 days and then it looks bad again. My hair just grows too fast to try to maintain a short or semi-short do.

3. I've been tooling around with an expired drivers license since November. Yes Ma'am, you heard it right. I am officially a criminal. I pulled up to the bank today to cash a check a friend had given me for some things I picked up for her. As I prepared the check I slipped my license out in case she asked for it and as I did the thought came to me....I wonder when my license expires......I looked down, and guess when. Last November! Immediately I heard, "Bad Boys, Bad Boys, watcha gonna do?" playing in my head. Still in shock, I put the check and the license in the pneumatic shuttle and began concocting a story in my mind about being quarantined with a mysterious form of Bird Flu that rendered me unable to renew my license sat there wondering if they would,
A.make me take a driver's test again
B. Fine me
C. Ask me if I have been driving since November, and if they did, would they arrest me if I told them yes........

My thoughts came to a screeching halt when the teller came over the speaker and said, "Mrs. Patterson, do you have a valid driver's license?" What? You HAVE to possess a driver's license in order to cash a check? I was unaware of this type of discrimination...mental note to self, lobby state legislature to stop this type of harassment I said to Ms. Demanding, "I have had an account with you for 21 years, (Argh!! Now she knows I'm older than dirt, is it any wonder I forgot to renew my license,) the party who wrote the check has an account with you as well, while my license may be expired, it still has everything else on it correctly and you can see by the picture that it is my dumpy self." And then I proceeded to stuff my bank card, my visa, my check book and a chewing gum wrapper in the pneumatic shuttle and pressed send AGAIN! After a few minutes I finally got my expired license back and all my other belongings and my $23 smackaroos. I couldn't help but think that if the guy in the lane next to me blasting "50 cent" had been trying to cash MY check with his 'valid' license she would have given him the 23 bucks and a sucker for his time. Why is it hard to be an honest citizen, but easy to be a criminal I ask?
So, my next stop was the Driver's Testing Center to get my new license....and it was a bad hair day, of course. They never asked anything about it being expired, but I admitted my own guilt and stupidity to the officer. She said, "No biggie, people come in here to renew when they've been expired for a year." I wonder where they bank.



Kim Sue said...

My sister asked me the other day did I think someone needed to take her to the driver's license place because hers was expired for something like 8 days. I told her that they would not care and that how would they know if she had been driving or not. She said "well how do they think I got there". The same way you are thinking, someone dropped you off but probably more likely they know your drove and they just don't care.
She drove herself to the place and got her license - no one asked.
Funnier than that is that she lives in the MS Delta and the drivers license place is only open on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. She missed one and that was why she was a few days late or she was going to have to drive to another county where they were open every Thursday!

beckyjomama said...

OK, I checked mine ... could you repost this in July to remind me to get MINE renewed? 'Cause I am pretty sure I will forget!

Christi said...

I am one of those whose was expired for almost a year. Hubby couldn't believe that I hadn't noticed because "don't they always ask you when you write a check when it expires?"

Uh, No. If they did, I would have noticed it expired.

Its due to expire again in May. sigh