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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can I hear my own words???

I don't know about you, but I can NOT stand for my kids to yell at me from the other room. I can remember being a kid and my own mother telling me, "if you want to talk to me, come into the room where I am."

The other day I was in my laundry room trying to wash/dry and fold....multi-tasking at it's best I'll tell ya. Miss Syd was in the the living room yelling to me about Elly hitting the dog, or something like that, I'm not really sure, she could have been saying she was eating a frog for all I know. The point is, I couldn't hear her. About the only thing I can hear from across the house is, "I'MMM DONE! A phrase all mother's of preschoolers listen for intently.

I beckoned Sydney to come to me in my loudest, sweet voice. I said, "Listen, I can't hear you when you are calling to me from all the way across the house. There are too many walls between us. I can't hear you, and you for sure aren't gonna be able to hear me. You might hear just part of what I'm sayin' and do the wrong thing, or might not even hear me at all. Either way, it's not good."........Wait a minute, what was that God? Did you tell me to stop and think about what I just said to my seven year old?

I am so guilty of having walls between My Savior and myself. There's the wall of sin, wall of shame, wall of fear, wall of doubt,,the list goes on. All of these walls make it hard to talk to Him, and expect Him to hear, and they certainly keep me from hearing Him. I've got to get all of that stuff out of the way, so we can communicate. Prayer is such a wonderful thing, if we confess our fears to Him, the fear wall comes down (psalm 63:7-8), confess our shame and sense of inadequacy, the wall comes down (Romans 8:15), confess our doubts, and the wall comes down(Luke 17:5), confess our sins, and the wall comes down(1John 1:9). Before we know it, we are right there. Open, honest, and right there in His presence. Where He is listening, and hearing, and speaking. And we can hear Him. What a great lesson/reminder the Lord gave me over a pile of colors. Thank you Jesus, you are so faithful.

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Melanie said...

I went and did it again - took a moment to read your blog while at work. I nearly fell off my chair stifling laughter 'cause I heard "Immmmm Done" well beyond the preschool years and I was like "Boy, you're in 1st grade! What exactly do you want me to do with that information???" Please.

As for the walls, all I can say is Amen & Amen, sister.