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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disney channel anyone?

I think I have seen every cartoon Tom and Jerry ever starred in. I just love that cute little mouse. Did you know he's a little Christian mouse, he always prays just before Tom catches up to him. And he never eats a bite at his little match box dinette without offering thanks first. His mousie mama would be so proud.

As I have sat cuddled up in the recliner with Elly for almost three days straight, I am on cartoon overload. I have just one question. When did Disney channel morph into MTV? Tonight we watched a movie on said channel, and every three minutes we had to watch five minutes worth of music videos with teens/tweens dressed to look like 20 somethings 'hangin at da club.' I'm thinkin' Donald Duck would be all over Huey, Dewy, and Louie if they pulled some of this stuff.

Did you all like the picture of Elly at the hospital? She has been such a good patient y'all. I wanted to bring my camera to take lots of pictures, but I forgot it, so I took this one with my phone. It's just as well that I forgot it, after the looks I got at the dentist's office when the girls got their teeth cleaned for the first time. Apparently every Momma does not ask the hygienist to pose with her instruments in mid-air because she forgot to turn the flash on. I guess that's just one more place where we will be known as "THAT family."

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