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Monday, September 1, 2008

I am recovering.....

Happy Labor Day Peeps!! Thank you, Lord for holding back Gustav and calming him down a good bit.
I hope all of you are having a good long weekend. I, myself am still recovering. We managed to get out to the lake Saturday for one last boat trip for the summer. Most of us had a good time. Elly, as usual slept for most of the time. Just sumpin about being on a boat makes that child go to sleep. And Tracy and Sydney both needed to be spanked for how bad they were. You see, some people send love notes, some buy flowers or candy, to let you know how much they love you, some are mushy, and cuddly, my husband's love language is practical joking, gettin' me spoiled up, that boy is just BADDDDDD, and Sydney is following closely in his footsteps. I am sooooo out numbered here. So, as I mentioned before, I am recovering....from heart failure, thanks to Pranksta #1 (a.), and Pranksta #2 (b.).

a. Pranksta 1

b. Pranksta 2

The Victim

Sleeping Beauty

Sydney loves to tube. She can get on that thing and ride all day long. I am usually right at the back of the boat watching and snapping pics, 'cause, as you know, we need 436 pictures of the same thing. Well, Elly was falling asleep, and I was trying to cover her with a damp towel to keep the sun from scorching her little baby soft skin. So for one minute I looked away, one minute mind you, and that's all it took for them to concoct their plan..... I turn back to my post watching Sydney, what do I see?? an empty tube. No one in it. My heart stops, I gasp in enough air to shout, "where is she? Where's Sydney?" Tracy turns around so fast I think his head might snap off, the look of fear on his face was almost more than I could process. He quickly begins to scan the water with his beady little eyes, I'm in shear panic mode now. I said all of the following in 12.6 seconds without stopping to breathe: "My baby, where is my baby, I only looked away for a second and she was gone, and I don't even see her little head anywhere in the water, and here comes a big boat and what if it hits her out there, because if I can't see her then neither can he, where is she and why isn't she yelling for us? Why are you laughing? What could you possibly find funny at a time like this?"............AND HE YELLS FOR SYDNEY TO RAISE UP!!! She was layin' down in the bottom of the tube! I was ready to cry y'all. I was BESIDE.MYSELF. If y'all see him in the next few days, ask him how he got those bruises on his arms, head, and shoulders. Meaness, pure meaness. Sydney was howling with laughter. Between the two of 'em it was a regular snort fest.
I hope to be completely recovered by mid-week, y'all can send flowers or candy, but if your love language is practical joking, don't share the love, just sayin'.

Tracy says to tell y'all he rests his case on where Sydney gets her drama queening...........


bigsis said...

What would he have done if you jumped in, cause that's what I would have done especially with a boat coming.

Melanie said...

Ok, I think yours is my new favorite blog. You are too stinking funny. I will not again read your blog while at work (ok, maybe I will - but only real quick 'cause I have work to do!).

Hope you're heart's back to beatin at a normal rate now.