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Friday, September 5, 2008

Good eatin'

There's a reason cinnamon starts with cin people. And it's not all his fault, he has some great qualities, he just fell in with the wrong crowd when he started hangin' out with brown shuguh all the time. OOOHH.My.Goodness y'all, I am eatin' THE BEST Streusel I've ever madeKroger ever sold. It is melt in your mouth yummy. We've been eating a lot healthier around here lately, but my baby daddy brought these home last night and they are da bomb!

Yesterday at soccer practice a lady asked me what do you do in your homeschool? Well, yesterday we........

...taped our noses to our foreheads. It was fun. Elly had too much pride to allow me to take her picture with her "nose holes open", this IS a quote. Syd and I don't mind, we have no pride.

I promise we really do study. I know I speak and type 'Southern Street', and I'll admit to a shameful over use of commas, and run on sentences. However, I try my best to make learning fun, and find the way each of them learns best and focus on that. It's not an easy job fo sho, but I feel it is what God has called me to do, and I love it.


beckyjomama said...

OK, so glad that you visited me, cause I am officially in love with your blog!!!!

Oh, and the nose holes. LOVE it!!!

Nancy said...

What a fun day in home school! It was nice visiting your blog.