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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav, the king of storms???

Every time we've ventured out this weekend we have seen the same sad sight. Interstate 55 North, bumper to bumper with traffic. Almost every vehicle sporting a Louisiana tag. The pits, I'll tell ya, the pits. I search each car wondering what story the passengers could tell. I would like to take a family in, but what family. We don't know a soul from LA or lower MS for that matter. I offered to take in some family members or friends of some people we know from down there, but they seemed to all have some place to go. We are gonna try again tomorrow to find a family we can host. I know there are plenty of them out there, I just want to make sure my little girls are not in any danger, or exposed to anything they should not be. Y'all know what I mean. Out of curiosity, and because I'm a geek like that, I looked up the name Gustav to see what it meant. It is a Scandinavian/German name. It was borne by six different Swedish Kings. So I guess it is a King of a storm. But listen here Gustav, we know the KING of all the storms, and he's not watchin' the
Weather Channel to see what's gonna happen next. Let's remember all of our Brothers and Sisters headed for shelter.

Father God, Your word tells us to know assuredly that you, the Lord, have set apart the godly for Yourself; You, Oh Lord, will hear when we call to You. We are calling, please give safety to those seeking shelter, and calm the storm, as well as the child. In Jesus name,

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