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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can't we all just get along?...(in my best Rodney King voice)

...yeah, apparently not. If you have ever had two or more sibling children in your house for more than 13 seconds you probably know the answer to this question. My girls will fight over what they are fighting over. I have a special belt off of one of my old robes that I tie around their waste and it trails off their backside when they refuse to quit tattling. This is my "tattle tail", and they HATE.IT.

Sydney is my empathetic tattler, she wants me to KNOW that Elly has wronged her in some grievous way, like say, scratched her, or hit her, but "don't spank her, or take anything away from her." I think it just makes her somehow feel better to know that I know.

Then there is Elly, my capital punishment and damnation tattler. She wants me to KNOW that Sydney has grieved her in some way, like say, taken the shirt she was gonna put on her Barbie and put it on her own Barbie instead. "She needs a spankin' and don't let her play Wii for a week." Ummmm, yeah. I don't think you'll ever hold a seat in the Supreme Court, probably won't even get jury duty.

Anyway, the tattleing DRIVES.ME.NUTS. But lately I've been doing some tattling on my own. To God. There is so much going on right now, with the financial state of, well, everything. The pending election. Sickness among a lot of close friends, and family. Daily irritations. I've found myself tattling a lot to God, that the enemy, His and ours, is wearing me down. Like Sydney it makes me feel better, just to air my complaint. And like Elly, I want God to spank him and take away all his evil toys. I'm so glad I have a Father who listens. And cares.

Do you have any tattlers in your house?


Melanie said...

Did you ever hear Beth's story about...I think it was Melissa tattling on Amanda? She said Melissa not only wanted Beth to know what Amanda did but also to know her heart in the matter. "Mama, Amanda hit me and she's glad she did."

Probably not as funny in the retelling unless you've heard Beth tell it.

Later, gator.

joann said...

My two were fighting over the proper way to unload the dishwasher last night. i guess they really do fight over everything. urgh!

Judy said...

LOVE your blog and your sense of humor. Enjoyed your comment on my blog about the Gulf Shores area. We always have a great time when we go down that way, and I'm envious you got to spend TWO months there. Did y'all visit the science museum in Mobile? Love it! As well as Fairhope ... Point Clear ... it's just a great place to visit. Oh, and it's fun to ride the ferry over to Dauphin Island.