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Monday, October 20, 2008

Garage sale part deux

Hey peeps. I'm still here. It's been a wild weekend. A few of you asked me how the garage sale went. I ask you where else in the free world can you rise up at the crack of dawn, work your badonkadonk off until your knees, feet, and toes, yes even toes hurt, for $80 dollars. I'll tell you where, any stinkin' where. I could have taken a part time stint at the local sandwich shop standin' on the street holding out a sign and made more money for this amount of time, not to mention labor.
I don't think I'll be scheduling another one anytime soon. It's just not worth the stress, and mental anguish. I mean who needs to be insulted like that. To think that the fake Coach purse that I paid $25 for on the ebay is not worth a measly dollar to the garage sale shopper! Of all the nerve.

THE. PEOPLE.THAT.CAME.TO.MAH.HOUSE!! Oh, there were some normal ones, but not many. For some reason each person seems obligated to tell you why they have come to your garage sale. "Oh, I'm just trying to help my nephew start out," or "I'm looking for some things to give to my daughter's friend's cousin that just moved here from Las Vegas." Just admit you're cheap. I am. It's a virtue isn't it?

One lady informed me that I had nothing she was interested in, she was only looking for "Art". Hmmmmmm Another felt the need to show me the most gosh awful bracelet I had evah seen that she picked up at a sale across town and was so excited about it she couldn't wait until she got home to put it on. "I think this is really silver plated, I bet you'll never believe I talked them down to only three dollars!" She said.....frankly folks, it did not stretch my imagination one bit. I am sure someone is laughing from the belly as they purchase a foot long hotdog at the Sonic with that 3 bucks.

I really think our business was hampered by a lack of shrewd marketing. A BIG neighborhood in Hernando had their anuual sale, and of course, the Thrift Store had a 50 cent sale where everything was, as you may have guessed, 50 cents. I hate I missed that. I think all of the customer base was focused elsewhere. Anyway, no more. I am retiring from garagesalemania and takin' all my junk to donate to the thrift store. So, lady who wanted my fake coach purse for a half a dollar, maybe you can get it at the next 50 cent day!

See y'all later.


Tater Mama said...

Now don't quit having garage sales. Think of the blog fodder they provide!

Ginny said...

Girl, I'd forgotten to ask about the garage sale; sorry there was so much "competition." Next time I'm looking for some "ART", I'll call ya!!!