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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mentos anyone?

Hey, just thought I'd give ya holla before I go to bed. We had a full day. We went to Monday School that homeschool co-op thing we've been going to. The kids really do like it. Did I mention I'm teaching a science class there now? I really do need to see about gettin' those big letters that read "sucka" grafted off of my forehead.

Then we got our flu shots. Sydney was so excited, she's been asking since last spring when we could get the flu shot. She had a mild case of the influenza last February, and has not forgotten it. Mostly because she threw up once, and that is her worse fear IN.LIFE! That's a whole nutha post my friends, or maybe two, or nine.

I was up until 1:00 last night getting my lesson together for my science class, because you know, it really is so important for me to impress eighteen 6-8 year olds. Anyhoo, the late night caused me to drag out the coffee pot hidden beneath my counter and rev 'er up this morning. I went in to wake up the girls by gently rubbing their feet. Sydney said, "is that coffee breath I smell?" "Why yes, it is, and the fact that you can smell that from 4 feet away impresses me greatly." If she were a dog, I think we could hire her out as one of those that sniffs out all manner of poisons and things. I think we may be able to do it anyway. When Elly was a baby, Sydney could sniff out a dirty diaper from the swing set. Now she focuses her olfactory system on the freshness of my breath.

I understand where she's coming from. Coffee breath is not the most pleasant of fragrances. Whilst brewing, great smell, down the hatch, not so much. I went to a dentist once, (once being the key word here) who had the worst coffee breath I had ever smelled. He must have been up chugging the stuff all night long without eating a thing, which, I believe makes it worse. To top it all off, he leans over, just to "take a quick look" at my teeth after the hygienist finished, and he had nose goblins. Yes, my friends, bats were in the cave. I could not HARDLY.STAND.IT. Come to think of it, I think he's the reason I don't like to go to the dentist. I still carry that with me 18 years later. Of course there was the first dentist my mother ever took me to, the one that I bit. He promptly told my mother to "take her brat home". Yes he did. Maybe he's part of the reason too.

Enough about my breath. What did you all do today? Do you all have any plans coming up next week? Our church is having a fall festival on Thursday and then on Friday, the holiday formerly known as Halloween, I think we will actually go trick or treating. Whatchy'all gonna do?


Karyn said...

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Tater Mama said...

This reminds me of Big Mama's post when Caroline told her that her breath smelled like the circus! Leave it to the little ones!