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Friday, October 24, 2008

No clever title available at this time......

I really need to proof my posts. I said I've "been a lot" in my last post. I meant to say I've been out a lot. But hey, I've been a lot too, mommy, chef, nurse, cook, dishwasher, personal lackey, you get the pic. I went to the cardiologist this morning. For those of you,(Ginny&Christy) who wanted to know my report, there was no bad news, thankfully. My heart just tends to beat a little faster than some, and my blood pressure is a little on the high side even with the medicine, so I have to schedule a time to wear the BP cuff for 24 hours to see what happens in a 24 hour period. She wanted to know if I could do it on the 4th? Ummm isn't that election day?," I asked. "Yes, do you not want to have to wear it to vote?" she said. "Oh, I couldn't care less about that", I said, "I just don't' think you want my readings from that night". Of course, I have a feeling they might be counting votes for two weeks. My blood work was PERFECT! I could frame the report, it was that good. Thank you LORD. So, that means I can have movie theater popcorn, and M&M's right?

I have to say, the two times I've been to this cardio group have been the most entertaining doctor visits I think I have ever had. I could spend days at this place just *watching people. Mostly, the staff. Did I mention they have a mini bar(minus, you know, actual alcohol) in the patient waiting rooms. Fully stocked, V-8, soda, juice, CHOCOLATE! OBGYN's TAKE.NOTE. They have some serious power struggles goin' on in that joint. The last time I was there the lady siphoning my blood was listening to one of the nurses unload about another nurse. Frankly, I'm not sure if they realized I was not hearing impaired. I'm sure they got the picture when I began to snort with laughter. Today, two more workers were at each other over a conflict in assigning examining rooms that resulted in my being dragged from one room to another down the hall, with EKG leads attached all up and down my body. There's nothing like trying to hold that gown(open in the front)closed, and carry your purse, shirt, bra and Bible, all without tripping over these cords hanging off your body. I looked like the back of my computer with all of the cords plugged into the receptacle. I mentioned to the doctor he might want to add a mediator to his staff.

Then, I went to get my hair trimmed. We're having pic's made for the church directory tomorrow, and I can't look all grey and shaggy for that. Whilst I was enjoying my autonomy since hubby had the kids, I stopped at my favorite place, the Wal-Mart to get a few things, and nature called. Seriously, I had been to Sonic, like three hours earlier and had a Route 44 Dr. Pepper so, you know, I am not kidding. Anyway, it's a good thing I got that taken care of otherwise I would have WET.MY.PANTS. when I overheard the phone conversation of the girl in line behind me. I can only assume that she was talking to a girlfriend, because this is what she said: "No, I di-ent go out wit him very long. He's banana puddin'. You know how nana puddin' be, it's all like, lookin' good at first, but then when it sits there a while, it don't be lookin good no mo" I almost fell out. Mostly because well, been there, thought that, only without the banana pudding comparison. A lot of things in life look good at first, but then they get all yucky like old banana pudding. I gotta 'memba that one.

*side note: Speaking of "people watching", men, you are NOT invisible when sitting at stop lights. Just sayin'

Good night, blog.


Kim Sue said...

glad you got a good report at the doctor and glad you can have a laugh at the turmoil......but the banana pudding is cracking me up!

The Farmer Files said...

Ohhh why can't every doctor's office be stocked like that!!!

Much aloha and mahalo for stopping by my blog! Hope to "see" you in Hawaii again!

joann said...

You can tell them about your time here. I don't mind being the butt of a joke. "get a hobby" I thnk was the phrase you used. And what were laughing about when were crying? It was a good day, Thanks for being my friend. Did you get your "You don't scare me" shirt?

Tater Mama said...

I'm so glad things went well at the doctor's office, and what a perk that the place is so entertaining. Love the part about hiring a mediator.

And the 'nana pudding? Seriously....what an analogy!

Just curious. The fellow at the stoplight...? Too many bats in the cave? That's my guess, but I do want to know!