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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Garage Sale

Hey peeps. Not much time to talk tonight. Gotta get up early to go visit the cardiologist in the morning. Then I have to come home and get everything ready for the big yard sale on our street. I don't know why I participate in these things. I always get mad at myself for saying I'll do it. You advertise for 7:00 A.M. by 5:15 some schmo is honkin' in your driveway. You can always tell the "serious" garage saler. They pull in and leave their engine running hop out and run up to make a quick dash through your stuff and run back to their car to hit the next one. Then you have the drive by, where they slow down, survey from the street, or even yell out their window and ask what you have, and then move on. But my faves are the ones who like to bargain. I do not want to argue with you over my junk. It's a stinkin' dollar, I wont' take a quarter, I'll spend $3.17 in gas to drive it to the GoodWill....makes sense right? I like the impressive garage saler. The one who purchases a cookbook for a quarter and hands you a hundred dollar bill. Just take the book. Oh well, you know, gotta get rid of the old junk so I can bring in some new junk. I'll blog at ya later and let ya know how it went.

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