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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thoughtful Thursday...post #1

Have you ever had one of those particularly frustrating days when you find yourself yelling at your kids who are fighting over EVERYTHING? Have you ever wanted to run to the furthest corner of your house and hide under something where they can't find you in order to tell on each other? Or ask you to open something? Or turn the channel? Or get them some more SunnyD? No this is not an ad for Calgon. Or SunnyD. But this is what my day was like today. Then, when I finally quit yelling expressing my frustration and got still for a moment, God brought to mind a verse that I had read this morning during my quiet time. I was reading in Hebrews 2:17 where it talks about how "Jesus was made just like us so that He would suffer the same things we had suffered so that he would be a merciful high priest and turn aside God's wrath taking away the sins of the people." What's that got to do with the price of tainted tea in China you ask? Well, maybe nothing. But is seemed to say to me that Jesus was made just like us, so he would understand what we were going through, so he could deal with us with gentleness and mercy. I was little once too, and probably put my Momma through the same frustrations, and maybe I should remember back to what it was like (if possible) and delve out a little mercy myself. It also said something else. See one of the things I was frustrated with was something I was trying to teach the oldest. She thought she new more than me,,,imagine that....I told her I had already learned this a long time ago, and to trust me, that I knew what I was talking about. Hmmmmmmm.....How many times has God tried to steer me in a direction when I just knew exactly what I was doing and didn't think I needed any help? M'kay God. You're right. As always. Thank you for your Mercy!


Ginny said...

I so understand; I was ALSO having one of those days yesterday. Thanks for the devotional thought!! I needed it as well!
love you..

Melanie said...

You wanna know one of the things I love God for? The fact that when I'm acting much like my kids do, whining and complaining about this or that, He doesn't run into His bedroom, close and lock the door and then go into His bathroom and close and lock THAT door just to have a few moments peace.

How I so want to be more like Him.