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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hard at Play

Well, I am finally out of the tent. I'm worn out from much play. We played like we were soldiers in war, then like civilians hiding out in a tent. I suppose the inspiration for all of this is from a children's book (American Girls; Molly) about air raids, bomb drills, and such. We even reached way back to the Civil war and played Clara Barton and started the Red Cross, working tirelessly to save wounded puppies, soldiers. Tiring of the war theme, I suggested that we could play like Paul in the Bible, going on journeys, he was a tent maker ya know. Elly passed on this idea because she didn't see the opportunity to fit "karate fu" into that scenario. So now I am baby sitting my grandkids,,,,Baby Alive and Cold Nose Puppy, while their "mommies" are off to work. Their boss is such a pushover, they barely make it in to the office before he lets them come home. Their having me over for dinner tonight, I think we're having taco's, secret ingredient legos, don't tell anyone. I hear they're high in protein.

our field hospital

Hard at work for the war effort

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