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Friday, August 29, 2008

I slept like a ...............well, a man.

Hey peeps, I'm feeling a bit better today. I actually slept all night last night. A special anointing had to have been on the chemist that came up with Benadryl. That stuff just knocks me slap out. I slept like a man. I don't know why people say "slept like a baby". My babies never slept for more than a couple hours at a time. I don't wanta sleep like that. I wanta sleep like my husband. Now there's a boy that can sleep through anything. I don't know if it's all men, or just mine. Never once did the cry, or blood curdling scream of a baby wake this man, no, not once. We would be out in public with the babies when they were little and people would say "oh, how sweet, does she sleep well?" and he would say "yeah she sleeps well, we can't complain". WHAT?? Whose house are you sleepin' in? I was up three times last night...... He can also sleep through the smoke alarm going off. When we built this house apparently we did not get the self-charging smoke alarms. We got the wonderful kind, that don't chirp when the battery gets low, they go all the way off when the battery gets low. And the battery can be low on one and all six of them go off. Leaving you to go from room to room knockin' em off the wall with a broom checking to see which one is low. The first time this happened it was 3:00a.m. and I had two kids under 4. Yeah, couldn't happen at noon or anything. I jumped straight out of the bed and ran into Elly's room to check on her, she was still asleep, Syd was awake. I ran back into the bedroom expecting Tracy to be upstairs already checking up there,,,,,no, he was still sleeping, HAD.NOT.EVEN.TURNED.OVER. This thing was going off like crazy. I slapped tapped him on the head and said "wake up the smoke alarm is going off." He raised up and looked at me all crazy, and said "do you think there's really a fire?" "well not here in the bedroom," I said. Then the thing quit. He said "good it quit" and laid his head back down. I won't tell you exactly what I said then, but he got the idea maybe he should go upstairs and see if anything was on fire up there while I got Syd back to sleep. This is the same man who thought maybe we should keep a gun in the bedroom just in case someone broke in....why? so I could shoot off the gun to wake you up. I told him if he woke up to a killer in our room, he'd ask the guy if he could be last so he could get a few more minutes of sleep. (If there are any killers reading this we have a really big mean dog, and my little girl knows karate fu)
Good night peeps.

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